Tuesday, June 3, 2014

"Change Your Clothes"

After my work-out this morning, I did a few chores around the house with my work-out clothes on.

It's no secret that members of my church wear special underclothing called garments.  I wear them at all times except when I'm swimming, showering, or exercising in excessive heat.  Florida's temperatures and humidity qualify for that for sure!  Today I returned wearing my short shorts and tank top from my intense run, and I immediately started on my other chores.

In the process, I lost my cell phone.  I looked everywhere for it!  Our house is pretty tidy, so there were only a few places where it could have been.  I was waiting for an important phone call, so I really needed my phone.  I said a prayer asking God to help me find my phone.  After my prayer, the thought came to me, "change your clothes."  I dismissed that thought thinking it was just my own personal guilt for not getting dressed back into my garments soon enough.  Besides, my phone wouldn't be in my closet; I never even went into my closet with my phone.

At a complete loss as to where my phone could be, I sat down and started teaching piano to Tyson.  The thought came to me again, "Change your clothes."  Feeling lazy- yet obedient to the gentle prodding in my mind, I walked to my room to change my clothes.  On the way I made the announcement that whoever found my phone would get 50 cents.

I started to change my clothes, and I found my phone!!  I had tucked my phone into my bra and didn't notice or remember it was there until… I changed my clothes.

I knew God had given me the message to change my clothes.  I also felt that HIS message was a loving message to help me find my phone- not a chastising message.  Our Heavenly Father is so loving and patient with us.

Although it is not always easy to find clothes that fully cover my garments, and although it's not always easy to wear another layer of clothing when we live in hot, humid temperatures, I love my garments.  I love the comforting feeling that overwhelms me when I put them back on after a swim or a work-out.  I feel at home when I wear them.

I can attest to the fact that I act differently depending on the clothes that I wear.  When I'm dressed frumpy, I walk a bit more frumpy.  When I dress elegantly, I automatically lift my head a bit higher.  When I dress sporty, I just feel stronger and want to eat better.  In fact, some days I put on something really pretty and classy, and I change my clothes because I don't feel like looking classy- I want to wear torn jeans instead and be casual.  (Maybe I'm the only one that does this to that extreme, but I'm pretty sure that most of us do it just a little bit. :-))

However, I wear my garments everyday, no matter how I feel because they give me a CONSTANT reminder that I am a daughter of God, and I have made covenants in HIS Holy Temple to follow HIM with all that I have.  Maybe that's why I feel at home when I wear them.

Are there days when I forget who I am… when I forget that I have royalty in my blood… when I feel separated from all things Godly?  Certainly, I make lots of mistakes, but I keep wearing my garments anyway.  As I wear them, my Heavenly Father continues to remind me of my worth until I fully believe and understand that I am HIS sacred daughter.  I am grateful to be a daughter of a KING and to have the most perfect example of a perfect life from my King and Savior, Jesus Christ.

If you have more questions about why we, as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints wear garments, here is a helpful link: