Monday, February 22, 2016

The Miracle on the Track

On Saturday, our family drove a couple of hours to watch Jackson run the 2-mile race at his 1st track meet of the season. His race was the 2nd-to-last race of the day. As he ran, his stride stretched far. He was in the front part of the pack of teenage boys. (As a little reminder, Jackson, by age, should only be in 8th grade, but he was running against varsity runners from all over the state. Seven schools were in attendance.) He had 8 laps to run around the track, and all 7 of us were screaming for him every lap that he came around. As the race continued, several kids started to pass him. We started to worry and screamed louder for him to lengthen his stride, to straighten up his body, and to reach farther with each step!

He finished the race strong allowing only one of his 5 teammates to stay ahead of him. At the end of the race, his coach yelled to us in the stands that he had beaten his previous time! Jackson finally made his way to us and informed us that not only had he ran his fastest 2-mile time, but he had also ran his fastest mile time. Two PR's in one race!!! (PR stands for Personal Record.) Kids don't usually beat their fastest times in their 1st race of the season!

We were so proud of him for running faster than he ever had. As I walked alongside him to the van, Jackson shared this spiritual experience with me:

Since Jackson's race was the last of the day, he had spent the ENTIRE day reading the Old Testament for his seminary class. He said that as he was running the race and feeling like maybe he couldn't keep up his pace, he heard the voice of the Lord speak to him saying, "Jackson, you studied about me all day. I am going to help you."

Both Jackson and I cried as he told me his story. The Holy Ghost fills my soul every time I repeat those words- for they were holy words spoken to my son who knew he was worthy of that help. We knew it was the Lord who helped him run his fastest times of his life. What a beautiful testimony of how the Lord blesses us for our sacrifices. He didn't give Jackson super-human strength. Jackson didn't need to come in first place to know the Lord had helped him. He knew the Lord had strengthened him even before he saw his times… because he heard HIS voice and placed his confidence in that message.