Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pictures of My Beautiful Miracles

In our church, we have a Stake President.  Two weeks ago we had a conference where he shared a very miraculous story.  In the story the father felt that he was given special miracles not just for himself, but also for him to share with his children and those around him.  President Witt challenged all of us to write down our daily miracles.  He suggested that the more we did this, the more our eyes would be opened to what God really is doing in our lives.

In my effort to start this challenge, my mind swarms with all of the wonderful miracles that have recently taken place and the miracles that have taken place in my lifetime.  I want to write them all down at this very instant...  I can't do that right now...  so I will just begin with today.  Maybe I will return to them little by little because God really is GREAT.

May 22, 2012:  Rachel

1.  I feel especially grateful for my husband and children.  What a miracle to have each one.  It is a miracle to me as I watch them interact.  Tonight I was told how respectful and well-manered they are at church.  I of course was pleased to hear that.  Then, when we came home, Jordan and Tyson (who like to get on each other's nerves the most) decided to create a special handshake to show they are buddies.  YES!!  I love to see my children work as a team.

2.  Today I watched out the window as my children ran free in a field of grass.  It is a miracle that they can see the simple beauty of this Earth.

3.  There is a family that I have been very worried about.  I love them dearly, and I have been worried that they do not know how loved they are.  I hadn't seen them for a long time.  We went to tonight's church activity, and they were there with smiling hearts and happy faces.  I had agonized and prayed for this family for weeks.  This made me realize that sometimes I feel frustrated when I can't resolve problems.  God showed me that He cares about His children even more than I do.  I can trust that if I have done all I can do to love someone, I can then leave it in His hands to pass on that message of love.  He is doing all the background work.  We can't see it; we just need to be patient and trust that He wants ALL His children to find happiness and peace.  God is working miracles in the lives of those we love.  I can pray for those I love with confidence that He is listening and taking care of them.