Thursday, May 24, 2012

May 24th, 2012

1.  Throughout the day I pray for even the simple things.   We have 9 children for the Summer, and  I wanted to take them all on a bike ride today.  One of the bikes wouldn't work; the chain kept falling off.  I said a prayer to know how to fix it, and the simple answer came that all it needed was WD40.  I'm not good at fixing anything, so I needed that help from God.  It was a miracle that we were actually able to go.  It was a wonderful day.  We stopped at the lake and had a picnic and then came back home.  Our children are sooo much fun to watch.  They are truly warriors for righteousness and goodness.  They are thoughtful of others.

2.  It was a miracle that I didn't spend a lot of money at the bike store fixing all of our bikes like I was planning on doing!  All of the bikes worked without hardly any work.  I had been frustrated for several days when I couldn't ever get to the bike store in time to do the major fixings.  God helped me to be wiser, and I'm thankful he didn't provide the time for me to do what I wanted to do.  I'm grateful that so often He steps in to guide us in a direction we think is frustrating when He is actually answering another prayer of ours in the process.  He knows what will give us a deeper happiness.  That is why I love to start my day with personal spiritual study, a prayer, and also family scripture study.  I give God the invitation to help my feeble mind throughout the day.

3.  It is a miracle that God gave me such a wonderful husband that would teach me so many things and be strong at the times and in the areas I need the most.  Sometimes I wonder how it is that God loves me so much that He brought Abe to me.  God's hand was definitely involved with our getting back together again after my mission.

4.  Jackson left his "buddy" in the woods tonight at dance class because he was helping some girls find their way out of the woods.  Then, however, he made the mistake of going off alone to find his brothers and Makis who was his buddy.  All the kids came out of the woods, and Jackson was not with them.  I was very scared and prayed that he would find his way out quickly because he does get confused easily  with directions (like me).  God answered my prayer and helped him to find his way.

5.  I took all the kids for ice-cream, and I was trying to hurry to make it for the $1.00 short shakes because the sale ended at 4pm.  We had made several wrong turns, and we were losing our time.  I prayed, and we made it to Culvers just in time...  at 3:58pm.  That was a very happy miracle!!:)