Friday, May 25, 2012

May 25th

1.  We have 9 children living with us for the Summer.  Abe was able to take time off work so all of us could go to the park today and play tennis and football.  Some of the kids rode their bikes while I ran.  It was really a beautiful day, and Jayden even slept while Abe and I played a whole tennis set.  I needed that time with my hubby.  The miracle is that the day went so smoothly.  

2.  After the park, all 11 of us went to a play at the Civic.  At intermission, the director came up to us and praised all 9 children for being the best behaved children.  The other director said whenever she worries about what to do with her one child, she just says, "WWRMD."  She said that means, "What Would Rachel Mills Do."  I'm grateful that God allowed me to hear those complements on me as a mother because it gave me courage to be more patient as a mother.  I believe that it is a miracle that God knows just how to encourage us through others.  I'm grateful to those that choose to listen to what God puts in their hearts.

3.  I can't stop looking at Jayden and appreciating the miracle that he is for finding his way to our family.  I thank God every day for our perfect miracle.  I know that he was meant to be ours.  Before we adopted Jayden, very frequently people would blatantly ask me if my kids were adopted.  Our first 5 are biological, but I always worried about our child's feelings when we would adopt.  It's so interesting that everybody stops to look at Jayden's beauty ,but not a single person has asked me if we adopted Jayden.  I'm not trying to hide the fact that he's adopted by any means; adoption is a beautiful miracle to me.  I just don't want Jayden to have a daily reminder that he came to our family in a different way than our other children.

4.  Today, I was upset with one of our children's choices, and I'm so grateful that I was able to stop and listen to the Spirit guiding me in my decisions on how to discipline.  It's a miracle to me that we really do have the Holy Ghost guiding us on the small details of our days if we choose to listen.

5.  Today, I read the perfect story during my personal Spiritual study.  It was just what I needed to read to understand how I can grow closer to my Savior.  If I hadn't chosen to take the time to read; I wouldn't have found the answers to my prayers.  God speaks in miraculous ways, I just have to remember to always make the effort to listen and study His words.  I'm so grateful I did today.

6.  I just received some enlightenment by reading my other miracle entries for today....  I think I need to listen more... There is greater room in my heart to love if I take the time to listen.