Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Viva Bolivia!!!

My dear, dear readers…

Thank you so much for sharing your love with me.  I feel truly blessed.

I returned home from Bolivia at around 2:30am on Saturday morning.

Abe left on Monday.  He will return for only 1 day in 2 weeks- to watch our children in a theatrical performance- and then he will leave again for 3 more weeks.  (I miss him greatly, but I know he's working hard to provide for our family.)

I received the great honor of giving a talk on Sunday about my experiences in Bolivia.  I sobbed as I shared the grand miracles the Lord placed in my path.  I want so badly to put them all in writing, but I feel I won't do them justice until my life settles down just a bit…  The experiences were spiritually strengthening, and I have to go to a deeply spiritual place to relive them and put them in writing.

I think I also need to adjust to my life again!! I was in such a different, fabulous world.

The experiences were also fun, challenging, and profoundly rewarding.  My wonderful nephew was one of the 19 youth I led on the trip.  What an amazing group of youth!!  Wow!!  I pray my children will be as greatly influential as this group of teenagers proved to be.

Tomorrow I have a couple AMAZING teenagers coming to stay with our family for a while, and I also have a DEAR, WONDERFUL family from Bolivia coming to stay with us shortly after!!!  It's such an exciting time!  I taught the father on my mission, and I cannot even contain myself I'm so overjoyed to have them in our home.  It doesn't seem real yet.

My children also start football and cheerleading this week!!  …THEY HAVE PRACTICE EVERY DAY!!

With so many exciting events while my husband is absent for such an extended period of time, I feel like I need to hold off on writing until around August 17th.  I promise I won't forget all that happened in Bolivia!!  I will write it all down, and I pray that the Lord will bless me with HIS Spirit as I write.  I took TONS of pictures too!!! :-)

My heart is very full… I cannot even describe my joy and peace.

I hope to return to a regular schedule of writing on August 17th or SOONER!!

Again… thank you for your friendships and for your love… God bless you

This is in Cochabamba… where I spent most of my mission.  Notice the temple under my left arm. :-)

These are the faces I am mourning right now.  I grew to love these children with all my heart.  I played with them and taught them every day.  Oh my heart aches.  How can my heart love them so deeply?

 They were my little helpers while I worked!!