Monday, August 18, 2014

But… HE'S ONLY 12!!

Hello All!  I posted a story yesterday that was very dear to my heart.  I apologize to those of you who did not get a chance to read it… I decided it was too personal and dear to my heart to share so publicly.

I am still alive, and I am currently working on some pictures from Bolivia set to music!  I had some troubles last night getting it to upload, but I think I'm figuring it out now!  Thanks for your patience with me!

Today was a GREAT day!!  Let me tell you why!! :-)

For a long time Jackson has been telling me he wished he could attend seminary.  (Seminary is a scripture study class offered by our church for students in high school- but Jackson is only 12-years old.)  Along with his request to attend seminary, Jackson has also been telling me he wanted to do band at the public school again.

Every time I considered sending him to the middle school I felt a strong hesitation.  I wasn't sure what it was, but I had the feeling that there was another option for him.  I continued to ask him if he was sure about band at the public school.  I told him he had the option to further his musical education in the home.  He insisted he really wanted to do it, and I didn't know why I was feeling such a strong hesitation.

I felt like I needed to kneel down and have a deeply sincere prayer about where I should send him.  However, I kept putting that prayer to the side.  Because I have been so busy with life, I didn't take the time to deeply pray about that particular decision until last week!

Once I knelt down and offered up a serious prayer, all of a sudden a thought came to me to check the high school.  But… (I protested in my mind)… he's only 12… I can't have a child in high school!!

The thought returned to my mind several more times, so I made the phone call to the high school.  Within a day, Jackson had auditioned and received permission to participate in the marching band.  He would be on the drum-line and take an intense percussion class.  They practice every day, but on Thursdays they practice from 2pm-8:45pm!!  Jackson attended last Thursday and LOVED it.

I felt God's hand direct the entire process of enrolling Jackson.  There was a ton of paperwork involved and lots of logistics.  Every time I felt worried about how it would all come together, the thought came very strongly into my mind, "You don't need to stress about this.  This was all inspired by ME (God) to begin with."

The realization continued to return:  This wasn't my doing.  This was God's idea, and HE wants the best for us!!

We were excited all weekend about Jackson's opportunity to excel in music.  It wasn't until Sunday that I realized that since he was an official high school student, he would be allowed to attend seminary!!

This morning was his first day of seminary and of high school.  I had gone to sleep at 3am, but there Jackson was at my bedside at 5:15am this morning… ready to go and VERY excited.  Abe is still gone for a couple more weeks, so all 6 children and I loaded up into the van by 5:30am for our 30-minute drive to seminary!

I'm a night owl, so 5:15am comes VERY early to my body.  Needless to say, we're praying for strength around here!! :-)  It is soooo worth it though!  What a great day it was to see my son run into seminary this morning!  His whole body beamed with excitement!!

I know that God is working out the details in all of our lives… sometimes we just need to take a moment to ponder and pray about the small details in our lives in order to discover the wonderful life experiences God is willing to provide.

Last weekend I awoke to a wonderful aroma… WAFFLES!!  Jackson had two waffle makers running, so the whole family could eat. He even cleaned up the mess when he was done!!  Yep!  He's ready for high school and seminary. :-)