Saturday, August 30, 2014

2 Birthday Videos & Sidenotes :-)


My Birthday Gift

It was my birthday last week and my husband's birthday was just a few days ago.  We were separated for our special days, so my adorable husband and his music group made a GREAT 40 second video for me.

I believe you should be able to just click on the link below to view it. :-)  It's from Facebook but made public, so I don't think you'll even need to login to your Facebook account.  ENJOY!!  It will DEFINITELY make you smile.  (We watched it about 100 times.)

After last week's football games, my in-laws surprised me with GERMAN CHOCOLATE CAKE!

And my wonderful neighbors… WOW!   Their kindness is a story for another day. :-)

That night my kids threw a late-night surprise party for me with just the kids upstairs in the toy room.  (Jayden was sleeping.) Unbeknownst to me, the kids had decorated the room earlier in the day while I was cleaning up and cooking.

This is the DJ's spot… 

 They blindfolded me and blasted my favorite music.  I entered the room, and then we jammed!!  After several wild songs, they sat me down on the couch while they read me sweet letters and sang special songs for me.  

Crazy, wonderful kids…

I forgot to add that my parents bought the little red wagon for my birthday and Abe's birthday for us to use on our beach trips.  

Several months ago I wrote about how badly I had been wanting one, and the Lord helped me to find a temporary solution… until now!!  Hooray!! I now have a real red wagon:-)

Abe's Birthday Gift

As a thank you for my wonderful birthday video, my children, my niece, and I made a minute and a half long video for my husband's birthday with instruments, dancing, and rapping.  It's a ton of fun to watch!  ENJOY! :-)

Just click on the link below to watch it:-)

Sidenotes & Updates

I'm trying really hard to get my life in order!

We spent 12 hours with football and cheerleading today- HONESTLY!

It's a new school year; and since I'm the teacher, we've been working really hard on an efficient after summer schedule.  Beyond our regular school subjects, that includes packing 7 kids into our van every morning at 5:30am for seminary, marching band until after midnight at times, a college course 25 minutes away, football, and of course beach time for my aspiring surfers. :-)

Our dear friend from Bolivia and my spunky niece returned last week- they wanted to rejoin our crazy crew for a little while longer!  (They had come with another cute, teenage friend of ours in the beginning of August.)

They are truly a joy to have here.  We all cried when our friend returned to Bolivia a few days ago.  (I still need to write about how he ended up at our house!!  TRULY AWESOME!)  We get to keep our niece until the middle of September.

My husband has only been home for 2 days since July 28th… and of course I was in South America before that… so I miss him… and I'm tired, but I keep praying about how to organize my time better.

I feel a need to return to writing with more depth, and I know the Lord will open a way very soon… until then I appreciate you checking in on me. :-)