Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mariah's Precious Heart

With permission, I am sharing Mariah's journal entry… it is a miracle to me to be able to see a little piece into the heart of a precious 6-year old…   
(The translation is written below. :-))  
God bless you and have a beautiful day… Jesus loves you.

"Why I believe in Jesus is he is nice.
He does not lie or tease- he helps
you and teaches you stuff you never 
know.  He teaches you honesty and charity
and saves us and teaches us to pray 
and read the scriptures and go to 
church and the temple and I love 
to pray.  I love the scriptures.
I love everyone soooooooooooo
much even God and Jesus too and the 
Holy Ghost too and I'm soooooo
happy soooooooooooo happy he is 
my Savior.  Jesus is amazing-
soooo amazing.  I hope I'll see Him
some day and I'll always stay