Friday, June 21, 2013

Depths of Humility

I apologize...

I keep writing but haven't had the courage to post anything lately.

God has been so good to me.  HE has blessed me with multiple miracles... HE saved my baby boy's life twice today when HE prompted me to move at just the right moment.

My problem:  I have allowed someone's cutting remarks to enter my heart, and it's been really difficult to release its influence.

I am a runner:  I feel like I was running along just fine, but somebody came along and tripped me.  The thing that I apologize for is that I LET them trip me!!  Thus, I have an injured soul at the moment, but I have every confidence that God will heal my injuries... I just need a moment... or maybe a couple more days of recovery.

Even though I don't feel the complete healing quite yet, I know its coming!!  I just have to keep praying and trusting.  God has proven to me over the years that HE always comforts me and speaks to my soul the lessons I need to learn, but I am only able to accept that comfort and those lessons once I have reached the depths of humility... I'm reaching those depths right now!!

Right at this very moment, I feel like a hopeless case of tears, but I KNOW that God is working through those tears.  HE is ALWAYS near.