Monday, June 24, 2013

Sabbath Song

Abe was in Arkansas yesterday, so it was just me and the kids piling into the van to go to church.  When I started the car, my party/dance music was still blasting from the day before.  In my mind I knew I should turn the music off to set the tone for the sabbath day and prepare ourselves to enter the chapel.  Also, in my mind was a strong desire to DANCE to the music with a happy heart on the way to church.

I turned around and Jordan was already bobbing his head to the music.  The song's message wasn't bad- it was talking about a man coming home to his family.  ...but it also wasn't preparing me to take the sacramental bread and water.  I turned the music down a little bit still struggling with the desire to be energized by the music.  One of the kids in the back requested that I turn the volume back up.

Unenthusiastically I said, "No guys- it's Sunday."  Then I looked down at my pile of CD's and saw a CD with the words written, "Sabbath Songs."  Abe had put together several songs by various artists on a CD just for Sundays.  I wrestled with the decision of choosing slow, sleepy, sabbath songs or the energizing, dance song.

After much deliberation between choosing to do what I wanted to do and choosing to do what would set the better example for the children, I decided to do the right thing.  The kids were having so much fun listening to the dance music, I hoped they would enjoy the music I was about to replace it with.

I put the "Sabbath Songs" CD into the slot and waited...  I didn't even know what was on the CD, but the first song was my favorite hymn in the world:  "How Great Thou Art."  It was even sung by my favorite group:  Jericho Road - featuring Jenny Jordan Frogley!  I couldn't have heard a better song at that very moment.

The music and words swelled within my soul; and as the music continued, everyone in the car turned silent.  I looked in the rear view mirror and could actually see all 6 little souls settle into a peaceful, reverent mode.  I turned the volume up even louder as this beautiful hymn praised our Savior and filled every inch of our van and every inch of our spirits.  I believe our spirits were thanking us for the rest.

When the song was over, the kids asked me to play the hymn again... so I did... several times.

I thanked God for giving me such beautiful music that has brought me closer to HIM so many times.  Then I silently thanked Abe for compiling such a beautiful CD.

I'm so grateful that the peaceful influence of the Holy Ghost came in such a strong, undeniable manner after we changed the music for the Sabbath day.  How loving our Heavenly Father is to shower all of us in the car with the knowledge that the Spirit accompanying God's music is even more moving and awakening than any other influence.