Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Miracle of Juliana

Juliana's birthday was a couple of days ago.  I decided that I would write each of my children's birth stories for their birthday.  Since we were so bad at remembering birthdays growing up, we decided to make it a family tradition to celebrate our birthdays for three days!!  We're on day 3 today, so it's still her birthday!!  We're celebrating with grandparents, Auntie Ishara and Uncle Rich!  Hooray!

All of our biological children have been born 9-10 days before their due date.  It was ten days before Juliana's due date, and I had nothing more than deep Braxton Hicks.  I decided it was safe to go to the Special Olympics for the day with my children, my dear friend, and her children.

One of her children was disabled, and I did not want to miss this special day with him either.  I simply did NOT have time to have a baby yet because I wanted my children to FEEL the beauty of this special day.  While we were there, real labor began!  Since my friend was a mid-wife, I knew I was in safe hands!

Heavy contractions came every 10 minutes as we watched the children dance, run, eat cotton candy, and get paint sprayed in their hair.  During each contraction, I put my finger up to stop all conversations, bent over, and breathed deeply.  I still wasn't worried because this thought kept coming to me that baby Juliana was going to come when I was ready.

By the time we arrived home that evening after the festivities, I was still having frequent, heavy contractions.  Abe was working the night shift, and I still had some projects I needed to finish before I could have the baby.  There were a few drawers in my bathroom that were highly disorganized and had make-up spilled all over them.

I put the children to bed and dumped all the drawers out.  I cleaned off every item in the drawers and put everything in its place.  It took me a couple of hours of sitting cross legged on the hard floor while the contractions continued.   Still... about every 10 minutes I flopped over sideways and gripped onto something while the contractions dug through my insides.  Then,after the minute or two of each grinding contraction, I promptly continued my work as if nothing had happened.

I felt strangely calm about everything- like God was in charge but allowing me to do things in my time.

Abe came home from work and encouraged me to go to bed, but I was in the middle of my project and couldn't sleep (or have the baby) until I finished.  Right at the moment when I had finished my drawers-my final project- the contractions intensified and came more frequently... about 6 minutes apart. I woke up Abe and told him I was ready to go to the hospital.

He raced me to Utah Valley Hospital in Provo, UT and checked me into my room.

Abe gave me a Priesthood blessing and promptly fell asleep on the chair beside my bed.  I didn't mind that he slept because everything felt so peaceful.

I laid in bed for a couple of hours pondering on the pending birth of my baby girl.  I couldn't wait to meet her.  I knew she would be a very special child because I could feel overwhelming peace through the entire process.

After my time of pondering, I woke Abe up and said, "Honey, the baby's coming soon; I think I'll get an epidural now."

He thought I was kidding because I was so calm, so he went back to sleep.  I got the epidural; and less than an hour later, I woke Abe up again just before the doctor came in.  I gave 1 1/2 pushes, and baby Juliana came out! It was really that quick and easy!

The doctor literally looked around the room, kind of threw up his hands and said, "Well, that was easy.  I guess I'll go home.  My wife has a honey-do list for me!"

It was all so absolutely perfect.  She was absolutely perfect.  Juliana snuggled up on my chest as I gently hugged every bit of her tiny little body.  It was so hard to put her down, so I held her day and night.

We named her Juliana Rain.  She received her first name in honor of my sister- Julie Ann- who is the epitome of everything beautiful... just as our beautiful Juliana is.  Her middle name, Rain, was also a perfect name for Juliana's sweet influence on my soul.  As I held her, I could feel our spirits connect.  Her influence healed my soul and washed away so much of the heart ache that I had endured and harbored in my soul... just as a fresh rainfall would do.

For months, as I snuggled little Juliana's body against mine, the words came very strongly into my mind, "Divine... divine...divine..."  Even now, as I write her story, my little 3 year old Juliana is cuddled against my side kissing my cheek every few minutes.  She could cuddle for hours!!

Juliana is adored by everyone; anytime she cries, our hearts break.  The boys lovingly call her, "Shatter-heart" and rush to her side to assist with her every need.

Juliana continues to soften all our hearts.  She is our little miracle of peace.

I thank God for sending us our little angel at just the right time when her gentle spirit was needed the very most.