Thursday, May 15, 2014

Juliana's Angels

After writing yesterday about Jordan's scare in the ocean, I had a REALLY long prayer last night asking God to protect my children according to HIS will.  (Abe even thought I had fallen asleep praying!!)  This morning I rolled out of bed to pray again for my children's safety.  I asked God for guidance throughout the day.

Little 3-year old Juliana awoke ready to conquer the world!!  Ever since the week before Mother's Day my boys have been waking up early on their own to go running.  Over time, Mariah joined in on the runs.  Eventually, ALL the children have been included in the morning run.  Jackson and Tyson have been taking turns pushing the double jogger stroller with the little ones strapped inside.

This morning, however, Juliana decided to RUN instead.  The older children came back inside telling me how fast she was running!  She ran a mile and a quarter and was thrilled beyond words.  She immediately lifted her legs to show off her "bulging" leg muscles.

Shortly after their run, a big rain storm hit.  There was no lightning, so Juliana and Jayden danced in the rain and splashed in the mud.  Oh my goodness you should have heard their giggles and their pure delight!!

Lol!  I'm not sure why both my kids have their shirts on inside out! :-)

After they frolicked in the rain, we held family scripture study and family prayer outside since Juliana and Jayden were covered in mud and wet grass.

After prayer, Tyson helped Juliana take a warm shower.  By mistake, Tyson closed the glass door to the shower when he was finished.  When Juliana tried to open the glass door, she couldn't do it because it was off the track.  Abe ran upstairs and gently lifted the door back onto the track.  As he did so, the entire glass door shattered on top of Juliana!!  She was standing in the middle of the glass!!!

You can see to the left of the picture where her two little feet had been standing.

I ran upstairs to find Juliana and Abe at the sink…with a lot of blood and a lot of tears!!

Juliana had so much broken glass all over her body!  She couldn't walk because her feet were covered in glass.  I struggled for a bit to find a place to carry her where I wouldn't press more broken glass into her body.  I couldn't hug her or hold her against me.  I carried her underneath her armpits all the way downstairs to my shower.  I gently washed the blood and broken glass off her body.

She began to calm down, and I pressed the wash cloth over her entire body asking her where it hurt.  To my surprise, she did not have one single cut on her entire body, and I could see no blood!!  All the blood had been from Abe's hands!!  I would have expected a few cuts on Abe, but I also would have expected some gashes on Juliana knowing how severe the crash was.  The minor abrasions remained on Abe, but Juliana's skin was in PERFECT condition.

How is it that she was STANDING IN THE MIDDLE of the broken glass… it had shattered all around her and all over her… but no cuts??  Having watched the glass shatter, Abe was shocked and grateful that Juliana's face was ok.  We would have never imagined that every inch of her was ok!!

I know EXACTLY what happened.  Not a SINGLE scratch or cut????  I know that Angels gave her a protective shield over her entire body.  I don't pretend to know how, but I know it happened!!  I KNOW it, and I FEEL the truthfulness of that as I write it.

I  believe Juliana was filled with the Spirit of God the entire morning.  She had gone on her first "real" run with the older kids, and she had danced in the rain like a little angel.  I had said two, very fervent prayers pleading for my children's safety the night before and that morning, and I believe God's Angels had been with her the entire morning.  I believe God sent HIS Angels to protect every inch of her skin in the shower today… as an answer to my prayers.