Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Saving Jordan

Our family held our weekly "Family Home Evening" last night, and we decided to go to the beach for our activity.

The moment we arrived we noticed the waves were HUGE!!  I had never seen them so big on our beach.  We had also never seen so many crabs!! 

 The crabs were running all over the sand.  The children LOVED capturing them and studying their behaviors.  

As Abe jumped into the waves with the children, I said a silent prayer that we would be protected in the waters.  The children are strong swimmers, and they knew to stay close to the shore in front of the waves. 

After Abe's turn swimming with the children, I took a turn.  I had just been tackled to the ground by a big wave, and I looked over to see Jordan floating away BEHIND the crest of the waves.  He did not look like he had the situation under control, so I swam vigorously towards him to bring him back.  Before I could reach him, several waves came and threw Jordan back to shore again.

I quickly ran out of the water to ask Jordan what had happened.
With the greatest excitement Jordan exclaimed, 
"Jesus helped me get back to shore!!!"

In Jordan's words, this is what happened:

"I saw you [Mommy] pointing at me and telling me to come towards you.  I was feeling scared and weak because I couldn't make it back to shore because the waves weren't crashing and carrying me.  Then Jesus made a wave that was just about to crash, so it carried me forward a bit.  Then a second wave came and carried me to shore."

I am very grateful my son was safe in the ocean yesterday.  I understand that there are ALL kinds of dangers in the ocean- which is why I pray every time we go.  I also understand there are ALL kinds of dangers EVERYWHERE we go!!  On Monday we went on a family bike ride, and we saw a 4 foot alligator sitting on the edge of the sidewalk where we were riding!!  Someone had seen the alligator, so they warned us before we arrived.  That warning prepared us to stay on our bikes and KEEP RIDING!!

We take safety precautions to physically and spiritually protect ourselves from the dangers around us.  However, we often find ourselves weak or scared, and it is a miraculous feeling to know that it is Jesus who is carrying us forward.  I know the waves were sent by Jesus to carry Jordan forward at his weakest moment.  He felt and knew without a doubt that it was Heaven's power that saved him.  

I also know that Jesus sends waves of strength to carry us forward every single day at the moment we need them most… those are the Daily Miracles I write about, and I'm eternally grateful for them!!