Friday, May 23, 2014

"The Priesthood Man"

Abe came back into town yesterday afternoon after performing in a concert in Virginia Beach.  On our way home from the airport, he asked me on a date for that night.  Feeling giddy, I announced to the children that I had a date!

Our date turned out PERFECT!

We went to a little restaurant right on the beach.  It was a quiet area with not much traffic or commercialism.  There were only about 8 other people at the restaurant, so we were the ONLY ones to sit outside on the upper deck.

From where we were, we could feel the breeze from the ocean, and we could hear and see the waves crashing.  As I sat there I commented that I was grateful it wasn't too cold.  Abe laughed because he had been thinking how grateful he was that it wasn't too hot!  We've had weather in the 90's here. :-)

Abe has always hated the heat, and I have always LOVED it.  His body is just naturally hotter than the average person- Lol- speaking about his bodily heat. :-)  (Although, I would have to admit he is pretty hot in the other manner of speaking as well! :-)) I have watched steam literally rise from his head during chilly evening performances with his singing group.

Abe has also always hated running, and I have always LOVED it.  Running in the heat and sweating as if I'm on a Gatorade commercial is one of my favorite things to do!  So.. running with my husband is one of my most favorite ways to bond.

One of our runs a couple of weeks ago was particularly special:  We ran on the beach and before leaving the sand, we jumped into the water for a quick swim before putting our shoes back on to run home.  It was AMAZING!

Today as we prepared for our run, I walked outside and felt excited as the heat soaked into my skin; I looked over at Abe and saw him mustering up the courage to face the heat.  All of a sudden the sacrifice he was making hit me deeply, and I felt a lump well up in my throat.  My sweet husband was running in the heat just to bond with me!!!

We had only run a block, and I told him I was trying not to cry because I could feel his love for me.  He gave a loving laugh and said, "You just now got it?"  I told him he was my hero.  He questioned me:  "How am I your hero?"  I responded, "…because you give your all to make me happy."

What a man!  He is trying so hard to make everyone happy on his short visits home that he even ran at noon in Florida's sweltering, upper 90's, heat today… with no complaints and seeking no recognition.

Today, after making me happy as can be, he quickly packed up his bags to take our 3 oldest boys on a Father/Sons Campout.  Our boys were ecstatic to be going with their father on this special outing.

Abe tries so hard to be the man God wants him to be, and I don't always recognize the sacrifices he makes to ensure our happiness.  He's doing a beautiful job, and I'm grateful for his sacrifices on our behalf.  I thank God today for helping me to recognize more fully my husband's greatness as the priesthood holder of our home.

As I pondered on his responsibilities in our home, my thoughts turned to a General Conference talk I read from April 2014's Priesthood Session.  It is entitled
 "The Priesthood Man."

In that talk, First Counselor in the First Presidency of our church, President Henry B. Eyring said: 

"Each of you will be a model of a priesthood man whether you want to be or not.  You became a lighted candle when you accepted the priesthood.  The Lord put you on the candlestick to light the way for everyone who surrounds you…. You can be a great model, an average one, or a bad model…  Those who have been my models of great priesthood holders do not easily recognize that they possess heroic qualities.  In fact, they seem to have difficulty seeing those things that I so much admire in them."

Abe is our hero, and I feel so grateful for his heroic acts of love.  Abe is also a great "model of a priesthood man" to all of us… and especially to our 4 young boys who are learning what it means to be "The Priesthood Man." I trust that God will continue to send miracles into our lives because of the way my husband honors his duties as a husband, as a father, as a child of God, and as "The Priesthood Man" of our home.