Tuesday, May 20, 2014

More Protein

Last week Abe and I were getting ready for the day, and out of the blue he said, "We really need more protein."  I told him I would LOVE to buy more of the protein he likes... when we have enough money. :-)  I told him that for the time being, we would have to continue with lots of eggs.  (We bought 15 dozen eggs last time we went shopping. :-))

Later that day, we did errands together.  I sent Abe to the grocery store while I made a return at a store right next to it.  When I entered the grocery store where Abe and the kids were shopping, I saw them entering through the "Employees Only" door with the store manager.

(This manager has ALWAYS been super sweet to us when we go to the store.  One time, several weeks ago, Mariah pulled the cart over on top of herself and cracked a bunch of eggs on the floor of the store.  The manager not only helped us clean up the mess, but he brought a Snickers bar to her to make her feel better about her accident.  On our other visits he has often handed my children little bags of cookies.)  

I quickly caught up to them and asked what was going on.  The manager was busy giving them lettuce and spinach for free that was going to be expired the following day.  Abe said the manager just offered it to them when he saw them buying a bag of spinach.  I was so excited!  We make spinach shakes every morning!!  

Then, he asked if we would like some meat.  My mouth dropped open.  He said he could sell us the meat for half the price.  I told him we had just talked about needing more protein that very morning but that it was very expensive.  He had a big cart full of meat for us to choose from.  I didn't know where to begin.  Finally, Abe, the manager, and I grabbed some chicken wings, beef pot roast, roast beef, and sliced turkey and put it into the cart.

When we went to the check-out.  The manager rang us up.  We had bought a few other items that were not a part of the sale.  I looked at the receipt thinking surely it should have cost us much, much more for our cart FULL of food.  I then realized the manager did not charge us a single penny for over $100.00 worth of meat!  That just doesn't happen… except that it did!!

I was amazed.  Abe was amazed.  He had just been asking for more protein that very morning.  I know God heard my hard-working husband's desires and had HIS hands in this grand blessing.  We are so grateful for this kind manager who treats every customer like family.  He later told us that he has the freedom to choose families to bless in that way.  What a blessing his act of service was in our lives!!  

My sweet husband now has MORE PROTEIN!! :-)