Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day Part 3: Hero Daddy!!

Jackson:  Daddy helps
me out when I have struggles by telling me suggestions and giving me tips.  He helps me with sports.  He teaches us about football in the backyard.  He gives us pep talks.  He's really humble.  He encourages us a lot.  Whenever he comes home, he's always happy to see us, and it's good to have somebody who has the Melchizedek priesthood in the house.  He helps us with scouts.  He's very spiritual.  He doesn't have any doubts in his mind about the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Daddy inspires me to be humble and to be righteous and to be strong.  I love Daddy!!

Tyson:  He's the best dad in the world.  He plays football with me.  He wrestles with me.  He jumps on the trampoline with me.  If I'm sad, he finds out what's wrong, and then he helps me out with it.  He goes on campouts with me.  He makes sure I don't do anything that's not safe.  He holds the priesthood, and that's very special because he can give me blessings.  He gives me blessings when I start the school year, and he was able to baptize me because he had the priesthood.  He inspired me to wrestle and play football.  He played football in college, so I want to play in college.  He inspires me because he has the priesthood.  He makes me want to try new things because he tries new things.  I love him soooo much!

Jordan:  What I like about Daddy is that he always helps me, and he always likes to be with me.  He's always excited, and he always helps people.  He's so loving and kind, and he has the priesthood.  He always is being very nice. He is always having fun with us.  I love that Daddy always wants me to try new things, and he's always helping me with all the sports I play like wrestling.  He's very funny.  He has good ideas- he like makes up games.  He inspires me to do nice stuff and be a nice person.  I love Daddy sooo much!!

Mariah:  I love Daddy because he plays fun games with us like Monopoly Empire.  I love it when he gives us big kisses and hugs.  I like it that he's strong in the gospel.  I love how he helps do all we need like if we fall down, he helps us up. He inspires me to be an amazing person.  He's strong.  Once we were on the way back from the beach, and I forgot my shoes.  He carried me all the way back.  I love him sooooo much.

Juliana:  Daddy loves me.  Daddy loves Mommy.  Daddy loves Jesus.

Jayden:  "Daddy and Jesus"  When Abe came home Thursday night after his 2 week trip, we were all hiding from him for a long time… very quietly.  Jayden kept quiet until he actually saw Abe, and then he yelled out, "I want to say 'HI DADDY!!!'"  Running and hugging Daddy is his favorite thing to do, and he couldn't contain himself anymore.

On 4th of July, we're all running a 5k.  Mariah has been training with me; but on Friday, she ran with Abe to help him get ready for the race… 

On the return, Mariah was doing a cute little hand motion to Abe to try to encourage him to finish his 3 miles strong.  She was in HEAVEN running beside Daddy!! Abe doesn't like to run, but he LOVES to do what the family does… so here he is pushing himself to his limits for the sake of bonding time with the family!!

He clasped hands with the others at "The Winner's Circle."  Everybody was proud of Daddy!!

We knew a storm was coming in later in the day on Saturday, so we all went to the beach at 7am for a swim.  The children were anxious to show Abe their new tricks.  

…and then Abe tried.  The children wrote a lot about how much they love that Abe is willing to try new things.  All 6 children watched in awe as Abe tried… and tried… and tried again… The fact that he tried to do the things that they loved made him their hero.

 Jayden's Hero

Tyson's Hero

Mariah and Juliana's Hero

Jackson's Hero

Jordan's Hero

My Hero

My Turn:  Abe is our hero because he gives all he has to make a beautiful life for our children and for me.  We all know that we could not have the beautiful life we have without his many sacrifices, his passionate heart, and his desire to do what's right.  He encourages me to do and to be who God intended me to be.   I don't think there was ever a time when I told Abe about a passion or desire of mine when he told me not to do it.  He always says, "Do it!!"  

That is also what he does for our children.  They know they can do and be anything in this beautiful life!  They know their father believes in them!!  He is their coach.  He is their mentor.  He is their friend.  He is their comedian.  He is their spiritual strength.  He is their friend.  He is their leader.  He is their father.  He is their hero.  

Like his father and his father-in-law, his sense of duty to God and his family is paramount in his life, and I feel blessed to be on this journey of parenting with him by my side.