Monday, June 2, 2014

Jordan's Triumph with God

Yesterday morning before church, my 8-year old son, Jordan came to me and told me this story:

"Satan tried to scare me by making me think that I was going to get kidnapped last night (Saturday night).  So I prayed. When I started to pray, it started to rain very heavy.  It sounded like thunder.  I still prayed. After I prayed I told Satan to leave and then it was calm all around me everywhere.  After I told Satan to leave, the storm stopped and Satan scaring me stopped.  I felt the Holy Ghost.  It felt spiritual.  It felt like the same as whenever I had received the Holy Ghost after my baptism.  I told him to leave because you can't feel the Holy Ghost when Satan is scaring you."

I don't know what more I could add to Jordan's beautiful words… except that I am so grateful he knew to whom he could turn when his fears threatened to overpower his ability to find peace.  

Satan is real.  God is real.  God and HIS followers will ALWAYS be triumphant.  

The eventual triumph may not always seem obvious in the midst of the trial.  In Jordan's young wisdom,  he noticed the intensity of the storm increased the moment he started his prayer (or his fight against Satan).  Also in his young wisdom, he knew to persist in that prayer until the Holy Ghost settled throughout his entire room… leaving no room for the adversary.  

The Holy Ghost is truly a miraculous gift.  Jordan recognized that same calming feeling from when his father placed his hands upon Jordan's head 7 months ago after his baptism.  In that moment, by the power of the Holy Melchizedek Priesthood, my husband bestowed the Gift of the Holy Ghost upon Jordan.  Jordan knew that gift was his.