Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Pure Joy!!

My kids hadn't played on a slip-and-slide for about 4-5 years!  Tyson and Jordan had bought one for the little children for Christmas.  Today was the day to try it out!  I sat on the edge of the patio to watch them play while I read my scriptures.  I opened my Bible with a prayer in my heart.  I had asked God to help me feel better about some negativity that I had experienced.  As laughter and pure joy erupted from my children,  guess what verse I "happened" to read?

Acts 2: 28 "Thou has made known to me the ways of life; thou shalt make me full of joy with thy countenance."

Oh what a beautiful verse!  I reread that verse about five times!  As I watched their joyful faces, I realized that the Lord's countenance was upon them.  They haven't yet allowed the negative forces and criticisms of the world to overpower their thinking.  They haven't yet decided to stop believing in the goodness of the ways of life.  Rather, they are living in the joy of Christ.  Therefore, their hearts are ready to be filled by HIM.

I sat and watched and felt inspired to do the same.  People's negativity sometimes makes me feel sad inside.  I decided in that moment to cast those thoughts away and simply fill my soul with joy.  It takes practice and hard work to continually push away the negativity of the world…but the joy is oh so worth it!!

I think it's pretty special that God wanted to remind me that I can smile away and laugh away the negative influences that come my way!!  What a WONDERFUL message!!

I 'm grateful for my little faces full of PURE JOY...

Jayden didn't want to stop taking his turns, so he just lay there and soaked in the joy of the moment!

Juliana and Mariah loved doing army-crawls through the water.

Jordan was all about style!  He even did front hand-springs into the water!!

Tyson knew the correct technique to get the most speed.

Jackson had the CRAZY slides!  We always got a good laugh from him. :-)

I included this picture from Tyson's surfing success yesterday.  He's on the surfboard from Hank from the story I wrote last week- not bad for his 2nd day on the water!  Tyson had no training from anybody.  He just believed he could do it, so he tried… and tried… and tried… until he found success.