Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Miracles Within My Heart

I awoke feeling just a bit discouraged today.  I had several concerns and worries weighing on my mind.  I climbed out of bed and immediately knelt down to pray with all my heart.

As I was hunched over in prayer asking God for HIS guidance, my little Jayden walked into my bedroom, wiggled under my folded arms, and laid his head on my lap.  I know God was in his tender, sweet innocence.

I continued to pray as I stroked his little back, then I stood up from my prayers and realized I needed even more strengthening.  I took my scriptures outside and found a quiet spot to read.  As I turned through my book and looked at my many bookmarks placed in different spots throughout my scriptures, I wondered where the Lord wanted me to do my morning study.

I felt inspired to read in our Doctrine and Covenants (which is modern day revelation given by our prophets).  As I began to read, my mind was elsewhere.  After a couple minutes of this, a very strong thought came into my mind to read more slowly and to linger for a moment where I was.

I reread the verses I had already covered and felt the Spirit rush over my body.  I couldn't believe it!  The words were exact answers to my prayers.  The words within these scriptures even expressed understanding of my worries, understanding of the answers I had already received in past weeks, and direct guidance to my dilemma at hand.

Last Saturday night, the night before Abe left on another business trip, I had been really sick.  Abe anointed my head with oil and administered a priesthood blessing of healing.  During that blessing, I had a hard time even focusing on all the words he was speaking because I was so groggy.  All of a sudden, my mind felt awakened for one very profound sentence.  It was so profound and so personal that I haven't even asked Abe if he remembered saying it.  I knew it was an important message from God because of the way my mind became alerted, and I played the words over and over again into my mind as I fell asleep.

A couple of days ago in my scripture study and again this morning, that same message I had received from my priesthood blessing was reiterated in the words I was reading.  They weren't the exact words, but the impression and the message was the exact same.

The first time I read those verses, I didn't think they had much significance in my life, but the second time… as I lingered and pondered… the depths of God's words spoke plainly and clearly into my heart and mind.  I immediately took out my pen and began underlining the passages in the scriptures.

…and right on cue, as I was feeling inspired, little Jayden found me, and once again lifted my arms so he could snuggle into my lap.  I asked him if he was my special little buddy, and he nodded his head assuring me that he was.  (I believe little children are especially guided by the Spirit to give extra love just at the right moment.)

I am always in awe at the direct guidance by the workings of the Spirit as I read God's word- whether it be in the Bible, The Book of Mormon, The Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price, or modern day General Conference talks from our prophet and apostles. The power of The Holy Ghost never ceases to amaze me… because it speaks divine messages directly to my heart.

I feel renewed and ready to face this beautiful life with a deeper knowledge and understanding that God wants all of us to receive direct communication and direct guidance from HIM… on a DAILY basis!  What a blessing and absolute miracle the Word of God is in my life!!!

…and what an absolute miracle little children are in my life as well. 
Matthew 19:14   14 But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.