Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Timely Phone Call

Yesterday I felt sad and worried about the way I was doing something.  I REALLY wanted Abe's perspective.  I knew he was performing in a concert in Utah right during that time period, and he would either be talking to fans or actually singing on stage.  I was anxious to talk to him anyway, so I decided I'd try to contact him.  I picked up my phone and only started to dial his number before I hung up figuring it would be a waste of time to even try.

Abe takes his time with his fans and his performing very seriously, so I didn't want to interrupt him even if there was a free moment...

Less than a minute later, Abe called me right in the middle of conversing with friends and fans!  He said he didn't have a lot of time (which was why I was even shocked that he was calling), but that he wanted to tell me something really quick.  He gave me the assurance on the exact subject that I was worried about.  He didn't even know that this concern was on my mind; yet in a 2 minute, spur of the moment phone call, he eased all my worries in detail in a way that only a husband who had just followed divine inspiration could have done.

I cried so hard at the miracle of his timely phone call that my kids came rushing to my side to see what was wrong.  I assured them my tears were ones of amazement and joy.  I was in awe at the phone call I had just received... I still am.

God's great love and my husband's great love joined together to give me a much needed moment of reassurance and guidance.  I'm grateful my sweet husband wasn't too busy to listen to the promptings of the Spirit who guided him to call with the perfect words at the perfect moment.