Wednesday, May 15, 2013

One Woman's Great Love

Abe was out of town, and I took all the children to Jackson's swim meet for 4 hours.  It was a great meet, but an excruciating, stabbing pain in my stomach caused me to not be able to focus well on anything.

Jayden, as cute as he was, wanted desperately to jump into the pool.  It was a constant struggle for hours to hold him back from the temptation right in front of his eyes.  As I walked around with him, a woman, who I had only barely met, motioned to me to ask if she could hold Juliana. I nodded my approval, and I watched as she played with and amused both of my girls for a couple of hours!  I had been feeling bad for not being able to give more attention to them because of my pain in my stomach and because the constant attention I had to give to baby Jayden.

This woman did not even know my need.  She didn't serve me to be a hero.  She was simply being who God wanted her to be... a woman of great love.  With her beautiful, shining spirit, she stepped out of her comfort zone and asked to give love to another woman's children.  I was and still am touched.

I didn't even talk to her more than a couple of words the entire evening because I was chasing Jayden so much.  I don't even know her name; but when it was time to leave, we couldn't help but embrace each other.  She didn't know how deeply she had served and taught me, but we both knew that a deep bond had taken place.

I thank God for the miracle of the beautiful people HE sends in our direction to touch lives in ways that only Heaven's Power could have directed them to do.  I thank God for this woman's great love.