Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Believe in the Goodness of Humanity

I traveled this weekend to Seattle, Washington with baby Jayden to speak at a women's conference on Miracles!!!

I left all the other children in Michigan with Abe.  This was my first time to travel with only one child, and it was quite special to give so much one on one time with my little sweetheart.  (I would like to do that with each of the children.)

The following are the miracles and blessings that touched my heart greatly.  There was a reoccurring theme with each of these marvelous experiences throughout my travels...


On my trip, so many people rushed to carry my bags, kindly opened the way for me to enter through large crowds, and selflessly gave me their seats.  Multiple people served so quickly proving that it was in their immediate nature to serve.  Believing in the goodness of humanity of strangers did wonders for my soul.  I have looked at everyone with more of a positive heart than I thought possible.  People are generally really good!!

Reuniting With My Cousin

I have a WONDERFUL distant cousin in Washington who happens to live close to where I was speaking.  We have only met once, and that was 8 years ago.  My family didn't even know she existed until then.  We had the beautiful opportunity to spend Friday afternoon together walking on trails and finding sand dollars and shells at the beach.  What a blessing to unite with family!  I learned so much from her.  She took a day off work, made us lunch, and drove us for hours with her baby around the vicinity of Seattle.  It didn't matter that our relationship as cousins was a distant one... we are cousins, and she was willing to sacrifice greatly to build that relationship.  I love her kind heart.

Some of God's Greatest Beauties

I also took some time to walk in the woods alone with Jayden.  I prayed out loud thanking God for HIS beauties.  I couldn't believe how full my heart felt as I quietly admired the beauty of nature.  I felt grateful that other inspired humans made valiant efforts to preserve this breathtaking piece of land.

Accepted and Loved

I arrived at the home of the woman who requested that I come to Seattle.  She was full of love for everyone.  We chatted about life while she made a big dinner for several of us who were staying in her home.  Right then, Jayden threw up... all over her kitchen floor and me.  I thought, "She's going to wish she never invited us here.  We're a problem."  To my surprise, she didn't even look one bit stressed at the giant mess in her spotless kitchen during the makings of a big meal- instead she gave me a "throw-up hug" reassuring me that this was just a better way to get to know ALL the parts of my life.   She loved ALL of me... that felt good to know that I didn't need to try to be somebody who I wasn't.

Soap in the Toilet Miracle

Because we were on East Coast Time Zone, Jayden was wide awake at 5am.  I went to the bathroom as quietly as I could.  Before I could close the lid down, Jayden threw a brand new, big bar of soap into the toilet!  I quickly thrust my hand into the toilet, but it slipped upwards into the neck of the toilet. Feeling completely embarrassed and truly wearing out my welcome, I prayed for help to get the soap out.   My hand was just slightly too big to grasp the soap and pull it down.  I tried to stab it with my pen.  Nothing worked!!  One guest, who I had not yet met, entered the bathroom at 5:30am.  I thought, "Oh no, she's going to have a serious problem when she tries to flush the toilet."  I hesitantly knocked on the door, but I didn't want her to have a problem in there.  ...when she opened it, I wondered who she was!  I hadn't seen this house guest yet!  I said, "Ummm... I'm really sorry- but you can't use that toilet."  She responded a bit panicked, "But I've been waiting to use the bathroom for the last hour!!"  I told her what my son had done.  Then I asked this stranger, "Well, is it #1?  You might be ok if it's just #1."  (This was a awkward conversation to be having with a complete stranger.)  She said it was just #1, and I gave her the go-ahead on the toilet.   As the morning continued, I instilled panic on the other house guests who had not received the message that I had ruined the toilet.  They thought they had clogged the toilet- what an embarrassment for them as well!   Once everyone was awake, I had to break the news to the family that I had ruined their toilet with a bar of soap.  The man of the house informed me that just a few days prior, he felt inspired to buy an interesting tool that could bend upwards and had a hook on it.  At the time, he didn't know why he was buying it, but boy was I glad he followed that inspiration!  He reached into the toilet, hooked it, and pulled it right out.  Phew!  What a relief!  This brother never once looked irritated at the extra job I had given him on an already busy morning.  He displayed the patience of humanity.

Dancing Queens

Right before I was to speak to the women, a group of older women and younger women put their hats on sideways, got up, and danced synchronized movements to a rap song.  I was backstage laughing so hard that I was crying.  I had been feeling nervous because my bio was not quite as impressive as the other speakers. Abe sent me a text message right before I started that said, "God will speak through you."  God spoke to me through their dances that HE was using me... just the way I was... to speak HIS message.   Our family LOVES to dance!  We have crazy dance parties in our family room often.  My husband is a professional performer, so he dances very similar to these on stage all the time.  What else could have calmed my nerves and reassured me more than to watch these sisters dance their hearts out... Mills' Family style. :-) These women freed themselves from inhibitions.  Because they chose to live with joy, many others were blessed by their courage and joy.

United In Service

After I spoke at the women's conference, I was eating lunch with the sisters when Jayden choked on a chip.  I turned him upside down and patted his back.  The chip came up... but so did everything else!  I couldn't believe how quickly the sisters jumped to action.  One wiped my toes, another stripped Jayden down, yet another fetched my suitcase for my change of clothes, and another sister went on a search for rags.  Before I knew it, Jayden and I were both wiped down, in new clothes, and peacefully eating our lunch again.  These sister demonstrated quick, loving, selfless, service.  The power of women serving with a united purpose was remarkable.

Reuniting with a Dear Friend

After speaking at the women's conference, I had a very special opportunity to reunite with one of my best friends from college.  We hadn't seen each other for several years.  We visited the city; I stayed at her house, and we reminisced and laughed for hours.  I was reminded of the importance of holding on to lifelong friendships.  God rekindled our deep friendship to enrich and encourage each other just when we needed it the most.  I believe that God puts special people into our lives on a continual basis to do just that.

Inspired Meetings

On my flight home, I met a woman who I learned from in every aspect of life!!  She taught me spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally... she had solid advice for many of the things I had been concerned about.  I felt such a connection to her from the beginning, and I knew God had his hand in our meeting to lift us both.  I look forward to continuing in that friendship. 

Strangers Serving Strangers

On my way home, my flight was delayed and then cancelled...  I was stuck in Minneapolis, and my luggage is still there... 2 days later!  Minneapolis Airport is 2 miles long!  There was a man from Spain who had just broken 2 of his fingers, yet he carried Jayden's car seat (along with his own luggage) all the way to my gate before he went in an opposite direction to his own gate.  Several other men took the time play with and distract Jayden while I gathered my things.  Another man offered to pay for Jayden's milk from the vending machine when I didn't have enough small change to get it.  It cost $4.50!!  A sweet woman spent some time patiently teaching me how to use my smart phone as a boarding pass because we were being diverted the following day.  A couple fought for me and with me to get a hotel room when our airlines refused to give me one.  Despite the highly disappointing circumstances, I felt uplifted to be the recipient of so much service at the hands of so many strangers.

Humanity's Worst Inspires Humanity's Best to Step Forward

Lest you think I only encounter the good humans, be not confused!!  I met a few pretty mean individuals too!!  Holding her nose in a dramatic pinch, one lady informed me that I had ruined her whole experience (loud enough for half of the plane to hear) because Jayden pooped his diaper.  I will not focus on this woman because out of the worst of these came the kindest of humanity choosing to stand up for me and my baby and treat us with great love.  If we accept it, God places the greatness of humanity in our path to make up for the cruddy side.  I could very easily focus on those negative people since they left me in tears; but truly, the good was outweighing the bad everywhere I went!!

My Final Surprise

Only a couple of hours before I would board my airplane, my friend took me to the most beautiful waterfall I could  have imagined.  We drove around a corner, parked our car, walked up a small path, and there it was.  Mist rose all the way to the top lightly wetting our skin.  There were only about 5-10 people there, and I was reminded of the beauties that God has in store for us. 

What a miraculous weekend in beautiful Seattle.  We are spiritual beings, and there are spiritual experiences around almost every corner of life.  God has HIS hand in the lives of HIS children from all walks of life.  HE is showing us HIS influence through them and through HIS Earthly creations.  IT'S A BEAUTIFUL LIFE.