Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Family Council= Success!!

Because of distractions from the children, one of the few messages I was able to hear in church last Sunday was that we should hold "Family Councils."

Last night we did it!!  It was great to hear EVERYONE voice their opinion about what is and is not working in the home.  We made new goals.  We felt renewed.  Today, we woke up earlier than we had in months.  We stayed on task, and we all felt a lot more peace!!  

I believe there are so many concerns in a family unit that get brushed under the rug when we forget or don't find the time to hold these.  I couldn't believe the motivation I felt afterward!!  

I literally leaped out of bed with excitement this morning!!  What a miracle a little family meeting did for our souls!! 

As I reflected on our Family Council, I thought it was appropriate to share Tyson's Daily Miracle on his family.  Tyson is only 9 years old.  When I started to write my daily miracles, he did too.  He has them taped to his wall to remind him of God's hand in his life.


I love my family so much!   They are really important to me.

My dad works really hard for my family.  He loves me, and cares for me.

My mom teaches me lots of things.  My mom loves me to. 

I love my Mom and Dad.

My brother, Jackson helps me when I get hurt, and when I need help doing something.

My little brother, Jordan hugs me when I’m sad.  He is a fun brother to play with. 

My little sister, Mariah likes to play games with me, and dance with me. She is fun to have around. 

My other little sister, Juliana helps me when I’m sick.  She gives me love hugs all the time.

My other little brother, Jayden loves to play hide and seek with me, and he likes to say dada.

I am great full for all these wonder full things my family does for me!