Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bunk Bed Miracle

Before Abe left last week he made sure to take care of the big things of our move- like putting our beds back together.  Our beds were in storage, and we hadn’t used them since we were in Michigan in August. 

Jackson and Jordan sleep on the bunk bed.  As Jackson was sitting on the bottom bunk, I started to chat with the boys about their room.  With a little added force, Jordan plopped down on the bed next to Jackson.  Immediately the bottom fell out, and they both crashed to the floor. 

We all screamed and laughed from the shock!  The two boys were astonished at their predicament.  We were all so grateful it didn’t happen to the top bunk!  Oh my gosh!! That could have been horrifying if one of the boys were underneath!  I proclaimed that nobody would sleep in a bunk bed again!

Abe came into the room and took a better look at it.  After further investigation, Abe noticed that back in Michigan somebody had ambitiously taken all the screws out of the sideboard when they took our beds apart.  The sideboard was connected to a small, perpendicular board.  That perpendicular board held up the mattress and other boards across the base of the mattress.  The whole bottom of the bed was only being held up by glue!! 

Then Abe shared what happened while he was putting the beds together:

He said that by "mistake" he put that particular sideboard (oblivious to the missing screws) on the bottom bunk It was supposed to actually be the sideboard for the top bunkHe noticed the error and thought about changing it.  He decided against it… leaving the weak sideboard on the bottom bunk-which saved my boys from very possible, serious injury. 

The way I see it: 

The bed only buckled under the pressure after Jordan (the second boy) plopped on the bed.  If the sideboard were on the top bunk- where it normally is- it probably wouldn’t have buckled under the pressure of one boy sleeping on it until deep into the night after he had been putting pressure on it for several hours… crashing on top of Jackson underneath!! Even if it would have buckled sooner as Jordan climbed into his bed, it could have injured him crashing down from such a high place. 

Anyway you look at the possibilities, a miracle occurred when Abe felt like he should leave the sideboard on the bottom bunk.  The miracle occurred when he actually followed that prompting and left it where it was.

I’m grateful my boys were safe.  I’m grateful Abe followed the Spirit.  (Oftentimes the Spirit works like that.  You don’t even know you’re following the Spirit, but because you’re living your life in a manner to hear HIS voice as HE speaks to you throughout the day, miracles take place.) 

I’m grateful for the beautiful miracles God provides in our daily lives.  HE loves us!!  HE and HIS ANGELS are watching out for the details in our lives… even when we don't feel like we deserve their presence.  

I understand that sometimes bad things happen… maybe the bed does actually crash down on us.  That does not mean God has forgotten about us or is punishing us.  That means that HE, ever-so-lovingly, is providing us with an opportunity to apply our faith in HIM and grow closer to HIM through an added trial… What's amazing is that God has the power to turn every trial into a beautiful life experience as we draw nearer to HIM.

I believe that is the greatest blessing of all… to draw nearer to HIM- our Almighty God.