Thursday, January 16, 2014

Unselected Photo- Blessed Little Boy

As a member of the primary presidency of the church, I wanted to get to know the children's faces even better.  I decided to take pictures of all 85 children who attend and put them up on the wall.

A few days ago I was uploading other unrelated photos onto my blog, and a random picture of a young primary age boy kept uploading along with the others.  I never selected it, but it uploaded two different times with the other photos selected.  After I was finished uploading all my photos, I had to then select the ones I actually wanted to use.  I made my selections, and his photo came up with those that were selected as well (even though I did not select it)!  I thought this was very strange!

I'm fairly new to our congregation, so there are a lot of children whose names I do not yet know.  This boy is different; I don't even know who his parents are!  He just started coming to church the last several weeks.  I have talked to him many times and have often guided him on how to be more reverent. :-)  He is progressively improving his behavior; I even noticed last Sunday that he was giving more thoughtful comments during the sharing time when all the children were gathered together.

After this young boy's photo showed up for the third time, the thought came into my mind, "I wonder if  there's a reason for this.  Maybe I'm supposed to be pondering about this young boy some more."

Last night the elders in our area called me.  They asked me to speak at a 10-year old boy's baptism.  I described the young boy whose photo had appeared on my computer so many times just two days before and asked the missionaries if this was the boy who was getting baptized.  They said he was!

I felt the Spirit speak to my heart that this was my opportunity to ponder greatly about this young boy as the impression from the Holy Ghost had foretold me.  I will spend the next several days praying for him and pondering on the words he will need to hear at his baptism.  What a blessing.  I asked the missionaries to tell me a little bit about this young boy's life.

This sweet 10-year old boy has been through quite a bit!!  He recently moved in with his grandmother, and he is progressing rapidly as he allows the teachings of the gospel of Jesus Christ to enter his heart.

The fact that his picture kept popping up several times just days before I was asked to speak at his baptism could be seen as a coincidence.  However, the spiritual confirmation and the words which accompanied that "coincidence" confirmed that it was more.  I believe the Lord wanted me to know how special this young boy is.  I look forward to speaking at his baptism.  I know the Lord is looking out for ALL HIS children.

P.S.  For those of you who are sweetly waiting to hear about our big news:  Our family is waiting on a few details… I'll hopefully be writing about our big, happy news tonight. :-)  God bless you all!!