Thursday, January 30, 2014

"Jesus Is Special"

Yesterday I was very, very sick.  I walked around the house bundled up with a winter coat, a winter hat ,and long pants.  I was nauseated, had chills all inside of me and all over my skin.  It hurt to be touched.   My nose was either dripping nonstop or completely plugged- no happy medium.  My pounding headache made me speak a bunch of nonsense.  As I tried to continue to unpack our things, I could tell the kids were trying not to laugh as I attempted to pronounce simple words but didn't have the brain capacity to do it.  I was a mess!!

While I was sick, the children took charge!!

Tyson came to me with the sweetest letter thanking me for all my hard work.  He had drawn a big heart on the front of the card.  His tender words made me cry.  It didn't stop there though.  He encouraged the  others to also write tender letters of love to each other.  

I had fallen asleep on the floor in front of the children's bedrooms.  Mariah woke me up this morning asking me to read the letter she had written the night before for Jayden.

Oh my goodness…  Here it is:


To: Jayden
I love you very much
Can you do one
thing for me?
Can you
follow Jesus?
Jesus is special
very special
I love you
From: Mariah

My heart melted.  Those words didn't come from me.  Those words came from a child listening to God.

So many times throughout the day yesterday I wished somebody could lift me up and walk me around the house to get things done for the family.  I wished I was able to help the children better.  I was beat… I didn't comb anybody's hair.  I didn't even wash the mashed potatoes out of Jayden's hair!!  

I soon discovered that none of that mattered yesterday because Jesus- being so special to us- was creating miracles of love and service within my home as I endured the struggle of bad health.  HE was lifting all of our hearts by HIS loving influence.

Mariah played countless games with Jayden and Juliana.  The little ones were amazed at her "blowing bubbles" trick. :-)

Tyson took personal charge of Jayden when he wasn't with Mariah.  He even changed his poopy diaper, brushed his teeth, and got him ready for bed!!!

Jackson made pancakes for the family.  He made one in the shape of a heart for me.  He was a little embarrassed when his first batch came out with flour still in the middle of them.  I assured him it wouldn't have been as special if they were cooked to perfection.  

Jordan spent hours reading books to the little ones.  

When Juliana wasn't with Mariah or Jordan, she followed me around the house trying on my shoes and my jewelry… such a little cutie pie.  

All the older children did chores of dishes, mopping, and vacuuming. 

Since Abe is still out of town, all children gathered around to sing an encouraging, uplifting song that they made up just for him… It was to the tune of Happy Birthday, and they sang "Happy sales to you!" It wasn't even my idea!  What a thoughtful thing to do!  They know how hard he's working to provide for our little family.  I couldn't help but take a picture of this crazy, loving bunch as they sang.

It was a beautiful feeling in my heart to feel and to know that my children would come up with such loving ways to serve each other when I am "absent" in both mind and body.  I was praying to be physically lifted and carried around the house.  Instead, Jesus lifted all our hearts by teaching us how to better love and serve each other.  Just as Mariah said in her letter to Jayden, "Jesus is special." 

For how horrible I felt yesterday, I thought I would be sick for several days… maybe even longer!!  I woke up this morning to such a surprise!  I shook my head around in awe that my head didn't hurt one bit.  I jumped up and down and rubbed my hands over my arms, and nothing hurt.  My nose was a tad runny, but I could breathe!  God healed me!!

I immediately texted my mother and told her she MUST have been praying for me.  Of course she had and so were my husband and children.  Because of those answered prayers, I feel 98% better… in just one day!!   

I thank God for a day of sickness so that I could better recognize a day of service and love within the walls of my home and so that I could witness the miracle of my renewed health.  

I thank God for lifting us.