Thursday, April 10, 2014

Jayden's Healing by the Power of God

Abe returned home at 4am Tuesday morning.  The kids and I weren't expecting him until later in the day, so it was a WONDERFUL surprise.  I have written about how excited everyone gets when he arrives home from his trips.  Jayden doesn't ever want to let go of him!  Around 7am Jackson brought baby Jayden into our bedroom.

Jayden was different this time...

I kept telling him that Daddy was home, but he only wanted to lay on my chest.  He wouldn't even turn his head to look at him.  Instead, he slithered off the bed and rested on the floor.  I picked him back up off the floor. He lay on my chest for a little while longer and didn't hardly move a muscle.  I lifted his little body, and it just flopped back down with dead weight.  Then he slithered to the floor again.

His eyes were open, but he lay there motionless... for a very long time.  I thought maybe he was just extra tired. I picked him up again, and tried to sit him upright.  Even 8-year old Jordan said, "It's as if his soul has been taken out of him!"

Jayden is the most energy-filled child I have ever known.  Even when he's sick he doesn't stop moving!  Something was definitely not right. Abe and I talked about going to the hospital, but then I asked him to give little baby Jayden a blessing first.

As Abe readied himself to give the priesthood blessing, I recalled a story I had just read about a Mormon pioneer who had been shot in the stomach.  The doctor had proclaimed him to soon be a dead man, but the pioneer claimed that the doctor didn't know about the power of the priesthood.  This pioneer man received a priesthood blessing and described that blessing as rings of healing around his body and rings of healing encircling his wound.  After the blessing the pioneer stood up and lost 3 quarts of blood (including pieces of clothing from inside his body from the wound).  The pioneer fully healed; he reported that he never felt any pain again from his wound... only some weakness from the loss of blood.

As Abe placed his hands on my lifeless baby, I thought about this Mormon pioneer's faith as he received his priesthood blessing.  I watched as Abe gently dropped consecrated oil on baby Jayden's head.  As Abe placed his hands on Jayden's head and pronounced the blessing, I envisioned those rings of healing and felt very strongly that through our faith, our baby would be healed.

After priesthood blessings, I usually linger for a bit to wait for continued inspiration.  Not this time... I immediately stood up with Jayden and asked him if he wanted water.  With absolute certainty, Jayden said he wanted milk.  I was so grateful he was speaking!  He very rarely asks for milk; in fact, I can't remember the last time he specifically requested milk.  He clasped his little hands around the cup.  The cup trembled as he rose it to his mouth.  Jayden drank 2 full glasses of milk and a few bites of yogurt.  Moments later, he threw it all up!!  I carried him into the shower, and as the hot water hit both of us, baby Jayden began to sing these words in his sweet little baby voice, "I am a child of God, and He has sent me here.  Has given me an earthly home with parents kind and dear..."

As cleansing water ran over both of us, I hugged my baby tight and looked into his eyes while I prayed to God thanking HIM for healing my baby Jayden by the priesthood power.

After our shower, Jayden wanted more yogurt and some scrambled eggs too.  It was as if the milk was just what he needed to cleanse whatever was attacking his little body.  He ran around the house as if nothing had ever happened!  I watched him in awe wondering what could have possibly happened.  We had all seen the transformation.  We had all witnessed the miracle of healing for baby Jayden.

I'm grateful for the faith-building story I had just read about the pioneer man trusting in the priesthood blessing of healing.  I am grateful my husband was home earlier than planned so that he could administer that blessing.  I am eternally grateful for the priesthood power.  Our baby Jayden was healed, and there is no doubt in my mind that it was done by the power of God.