Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Quick Report with Pics:-)

Dear, Old Friends

Wow!  I have so many wonderful friends in Utah I wish I could have met with them ALL while I was there.  As it was I only had a couple of hours between the time my plane landed and the time I had to be at Solitude Ski Resort.  

One of my dear friends picked me up at the airport and later brought me to see her 6 children.

 It was wonderful to wrap my arms around her and her family.  Before I saw her family though, she treated me to the nicest restaurant I had been to in years.  Right when we walked in, she had planned for my other dear friend to surprise me at the restaurant.

I will never forget that moment of seeing my beautiful friend just sitting on the bench as I walked around the corner.  What a surprise!  So many memories flooded into my heart.  Our baby Jayden is named after her mother who passed away several years ago.  I sat at dinner and just wanted to keep hugging these wonderful women.  I felt so humbled that they would go out of their way to see me in the short time that I had.  I had longed to hug them for so long, and here we were eating dinner together!!  What an amazing moment. 

Young in Heart

I went to my training in Utah knowing I would be the oldest Trip Leader taking youth on these service expeditions.  I never doubted my energy, love for the youth, and love for the gospel, but I did wonder how I would be received from the other young leaders.  I am happy to report that it was an AMAZING weekend.  We danced, we rapped, we cried, we laughed, we snow-shoed, we were humbled by our huge responsibility with these youth, and we spent hours learning wonderful lessons on how to show greater love.  It doesn't get much better than that!!

There are 3 trips going to Bolivia.  This is my Bolivia Crew.  The guy on the far left  (with the gray jacket) will be my Co-Trip Leader for week 3!  Lucky youth and lucky me… he is so much fun and only has kind, loving things flowing from him!! He will bless the youth greatly.

It was 86 degrees in Florida and a big snow storm in the mountains in Utah.  AMAZING!!

Powerhouse Mills Boys

While I sat in the snow storm on Saturday, my 3 older boys wrestled at the Florida State wrestling tournament.  I sat in training checking my cell phone every few minutes for updates.  My sweet in-laws took them to their tournament and cheered for them in my place.  Those amazing young men did awesome!!

*Jackson took 3rd place in state!
*Tyson also took 3rd place in state!

*Jordan took 4th place! 
My poor little Jordan shed a few tears, but it was reported that he wrestled with ALL HIS HEART!!  We finally convinced him that he was a champion too!!

I'm grateful for such a wonderful, rejuvenating weekend!!  
Life is so good… even when it's hard. :-)

A few extra pics from a wrestling tournament a few weeks back...

Every good wrestler has a few good cheerleaders. :-)