Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Smile for God

Our family returned yesterday from a 6 day trip to Missouri.  We were asked to participate in Joplin Missouri's annual Young Single Adults conference on Saturday and Sunday.  My parents live in that area, so we enjoyed a WONDERFUL weekend with them as well. :-)  (I'll be writing more about those awesome parents of mine later.)

The conference was entitled,  "Joplin Jam."  Abe and I gave 3 workshops on love.  We were overjoyed for the opportunity to share our testimonies of Christ and HIS love for us. We opened each workshop with The Boogie Woogie- performed by Jackson and my dad.  Everyone in the room ended up dancing each time.  What a blast we had stepping outside of our comfort zones!!

On Saturday night, Abe performed a concert for the single adults.  As part of his concert, I choreographed a song/dance to the song entitled SMILE.   The children did an awesome job…

I hope the video makes you SMILE because GOD is working great miracles in YOUR life. :-) :-)

Click on the link below to see the Mills' kids get down. :-)