Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Blessed with Faith to Pray

Three boys from two separate families (twin 13-year old boys and a 10-year old boy) came to our home for 5 days last week.  They have not yet been baptized, but they all started their journey to the gospel of Jesus Christ while they were our neighbors in Orlando.

Last week I posted pictures of some of the fun times the children shared.  I didn't write yet, however, about the spiritual growth that took place...

On one of our beach days, I felt nervous about the strong current as a result of heavy winds earlier in the day.  I stopped all the children and told them my concern.  All 9 children knelt with me at the beach to ask God for safety while we swam.  That prayer prompted some really special talks about God's power in our lives.

After the first couple of days, the twin boys begged to say the family prayer every time we knelt down.  The 10-year old boy was still too shy to say a prayer.  On Saturday, during a prayer, one of the twin boys asked God to bless the 10-year old boy with the faith necessary to say a prayer.  It was one of the sweetest supplications I had ever heard.

On Sunday afternoon, I took all the children on a leisure bike ride.  Before we took off on our bikes, I gathered the children to talk to them about the safety rules for the ride.  One of the boys suggested we have a prayer first.  Guess who offered the prayer?  The sweet 10-year old boy who had been blessed with the faith and courage necessary to do so.  Do you know how amazing it is to watch the spiritual growth of such young boys?

The following day, we left the house in a hurry, and I had forgotten to hold family prayer before we left.  While driving, I asked for a volunteer to say the prayer for our day.  The same boy volunteered again!!  His prayer was beautiful and sincere.  His faith filled our van.

What a miracle to watch the spiritual growth of such young boys!  What a miracle to see the result of such positive peer influence!  What a miracle to see the answered prayer of a young boy asking for faith for another!

All the children- even Jayden- were sad to see them go…  We pray for their continued growth in the gospel of Jesus Christ.