Monday, March 31, 2014

Ringing Telephone

Early Saturday morning, Abe had to leave on an unexpected business trip to Miami.  (His company needed a replacement sales guy.)  The rest of us… all 9 children and I… raced around to get ready for a baptism that same morning.  It was quite an ordeal trying to find church clothes to fit the older boys who were visiting us.

We were all finally in the van when I realized I didn't have my cell phone.  I wanted it in case Abe had trouble on his 4-hour drive to Miami.  I also did not want to drive anywhere with 9 children without some form of communication.

We needed to get out the door, but I raced back in the house to try to find my phone.  For the life of me, I couldn't retrace my steps because my steps had been EVERYWHERE!!  Time was ticking by… I stopped on the stairway and said a prayer.  I asked Heavenly Father to please help me find my phone quickly.  I didn't even reach the top of the stairs before I heard my phone ringing.

I honestly couldn't even believe it!  I RARELY get phone calls throughout the day.  Since I'm constantly surrounded by children's voices, it's more efficient for me to communicate through text messaging.  However, the alert from a text message wouldn't have given me a long enough sound to follow, but the very timely, constant ringing of the phone allowed me to find my phone quickly and get on our way to the baptism.

 I knew the timing of that phone call was a miracle sent from God.  I knew it because I felt it!  I felt HIS love and concern for me the moment I heard it ringing.  God is ALWAYS listening to our prayers and ALWAYS answering them in the way that will bless us the very most.