Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Book of Moses

For the past couple of years I have spent most of my time at church teaching the children.

I have a confession:  I am usually completely oblivious as to what the adults are even studying in the adult Gospel Doctrine class.

Last night I was talking to my mother about some thoughts that have been running through my mind from my personal scripture study.  I told her that I had a very strong impression to begin a deeper study of the Book of Moses from our Pearl of Great Price.

She laughed and said, "That's because the whole church is studying the Book of Moses [and the doctrine of the Old Testament] right now!"

I honestly didn't realize!  She and I shared insights we had gained from studying these marvelous books.

This little moment was a miracle to me that the Lord was inspiring me to study much of the same material as the rest of the adults of our church even though I had no idea what was even happening with the adults.

That study has brought me much inspiration in my life lately.  I'm grateful to know that what the adults are studying is so important that God wanted me to participate even though I'm with the cute, little people on Sundays.  I think that's pretty cool!  I guess I should be more proactive about keeping up with what is going on with the "big" people too. :-)