Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Packages of Love

There are angels among us!!  I testify to that!!

***After sacrament meeting at church on Sunday a sweet sister walked up to me with a special box.

It was my migraine care box.  I cried when I saw it!  She had noticed me rubbing my temples last Sunday, but I told her I didn't need medication or anything.  I smiled and told her it wasn't too bad.  How did she know it was worse than I was letting on?  She said she found my blog. :-)  What a beautiful angel and servant of God she is to see a need and to actively do something so loving and thoughtful about it- just to show she cares!  I didn't know that she knew of my struggles.  I'm sure she's very busy in her own life- we all are.   She could have easily and innocently passed up that opportunity to serve… but she didn't.  The result is a strengthening within my soul that is incalculable. I want to be like her!

What a "Package of Love!"  Contained within were special items that have helped her with migraines:  special soap, candle, puffy eye cream, puffy eye patches, ibuprofen, mints, special ginger chew, mascara, lip gloss, CocoCola, and an eye cover.

This box will remain in my bathroom forever to remind me of that loving, thoughtful sister whom I want to emulate.

***A sister we were just getting to know in Michigan had promised my children some cookies before we moved.  I didn't know about the promise, and my kids had long forgotten about it as well. We haven't even spoken to her since August, but she didn't forget!  She spent the time to make an assortment of cookies and wonderful bread.  She also included lots of other candies and treats. I wish you could have seen our home burst with joy!!  It was a blessing to have these wonderful treats to eat at the wrestling tournament on Saturday since we were there almost the entire day.  We didn't have to buy anything at the tournament!  

Her act of kindness meant more than satisfying our cravings for sweets.  As I envisioned this sister creating our "Package of Love," my heart filled to the brim with greater love- which love comes from Christ Himself. 

***Yesterday we received a package from my mother for Jayden's upcoming birthday.  I didn't open it yet because it was for his birthday. :-)  Last night I was wishing we hadn't devoured all those treats from the dear sister last weekend because I had a sweet tooth craving.  I looked over at the box from my mother and opened it.  To my surprise, my mother had included some bags of cookies for all of us!!  Hooray!!  In my mind, I could imagine her in her kitchen making the cookies.  Her "Package of Love" included extra little gifts for all the children- including Jayden's birthday gifts.  We had a great time tasting a piece of love sent directly from Nanny's hands of service."

***Last time Abe came home from his trip, he visited his parents before returning home.  His mother sent him with bags of cookies, fruit snacks, apples, and a brand new pair of shoes for each child!!  That's a lot of shoes!!  Abe told the children the "Shoe Fairy"had come.  We called "Grandmommy" immediately to thank her for brightening our lives with her generous love.  It's quite amazing how love can travel so far… even in a pair of shoes!!

"Packages of Love" have come to us in other forms as well. :-) 

***We have several kind neighbors here.  There is a dear, elderly couple who have extensive health problems.  A few days ago she called me to check on our family since I'm all alone with the children.  She called me apologizing for not calling sooner.  Wow!  I would have never expected her to check in on us, but her simple phone call spoke mountains of love.    That was her "Package of Love"to us.

***Last week a kind sister told me she had a huge turkey she would like to cook and share with my family!  I made mashed potatoes and homemade creamed corn to accompany it.  We had a wonderful dinner together with her entire family.  The thing that touched me the very most was that this family did not decide to wait until I had my husband around to share dinner with me.  They acted on an instinct to invite and show love NOW.  They've never even met my wonderful husband!  Sometimes "single" sisters feel left out of activities.  I hope more people will invite those single sisters into their home. I was honored they would give me and my children an entire evening by blessing us with their friendship. :-)  I pictured their little family as a "Package of Love."