Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Wherever the Lord Needs Us...

Before I left Michigan, I was serving in the primary presidency and as a primary teacher simultaneously.  After a couple of months in Orlando, FL, I was asked to serve in the primary presidency again.  I served as the 1st counselor.

Last Wednesday,  Abe and I were asked to meet with the Bishop of our new ward.  He told me he had not yet spoken to the Bishop of our past ward, but he and the primary president felt very inspired to call me to be in the primary presidency.  He quickly clarified that he was not calling me to that position because I had a lot of young children.  He said the Spirit spoke it very clearly to their hearts.

They hadn't even spoken to my Orlando Bishop yet to know what calling I held when I left my previous ward, but I was called to the EXACT SAME calling from my previous ward.

On Sunday I was officially sustained and set apart by the laying on of hands to be the 1st Counselor in the primary presidency.

My Orlando congregation was very large and my Daytona Beach congregation is very small yet I was called to the exact same calling.  There were other callings in our Daytona Beach ward that needed to be filled, but that's not where I was called.

I have been thinking about the significance of this.  What a testimony to me that God was not finished teaching me all that HE has in store for me to learn… not matter where I live!

The Lord directs our lives to perfection.  If we are willing, HE places each of us exactly where HE needs us to bless others and to be blessed.  What a beautiful reassurance of that principle I have experienced this past week!

I will serve the children with all my heart.  I love the children and hope to learn all that the Lord has in store for me, and I hope to bless others' lives in the process.