Tuesday, March 25, 2014

It's a Beautiful Life with YOU Baby!!

Yesterday was our 13-year anniversary!!!  What a joy!!  Abe returned home from his trip yesterday afternoon, and we spent a wonderful evening together.

Last year I wrote about our God's hand in our courtship! Click on the link if you would like to read. :-)


This year, my sweet, wonderful husband wrote me an amazing poem.  They were truly some of the most beautiful words I had ever read.  He also brought me flowers and chocolate.  Jackson babysat the children while we went on a date.  Abe gave me options to go to a nice, romantic restaurant together for our date, but I chose a buffet!!  I LOVE buffets!  What a treat to eat to my hearts content with no cooking and no clean-up. :-)  Even better... what a treat to sit alone with the love of my life and feel completely carefree. Gosh I've been missing him soooo much.

Before we returned home, we parked by the ocean and listened to the pounding of the waves while we talked about the mysteries and depths of life.

I love learning from my wise husband.  We have been through so much sorrow and joy together I can't imagine God preparing anyone better for me than him.

I pray that my daughters will find a man to marry like their father.

I know my sons appreciate the man their father is.  They want to be like him.  In their excitement about our anniversary, Jordan and Tyson wanted to do something extra special for us.

*Jordan had been working really hard to do a backbend- kick-over.  I told him he could have a king size candy bar when he did.  After months of practice, yesterday he did it!!  We bought him his candy bar, and he selflessly picked out one of Abe's favorite treats at the store- "Turtles."    He presented it to him when he arrived home. What a loving, tender choice.

(In my post about Jayden's birthday, I wrote how he couldn't take his eyes off Daddy.... look at him now!  Lol!  He's holding a firm stare on him. :-)  Abe had just come home moments before.)

*Tyson earned some money last week.  He literally begged to spend much of his money on gifts for us.  I kept telling him to save his money and to draw me a picture of it instead, but he really wanted to do this for us.  I LOVE his gift, and my heart is deeply touched by the way he showed his great love for us.

He bought a beautiful plaque for me that says:

"Thanks for being there for me."

He bought one for Abe that says:

"Dads are special people no home should be without." by Helen Steiner Rice

Abe... thank you so very, very much for loving me for who I am.  You are a beautiful gift from God.   I love you dearly.  You are an amazing man!  I am grateful our children can look to you for strength.  I look to you for strength.  Thank you for your bright,  positive attitude.  What a great man you are!!!