Thursday, March 6, 2014

Clean Language=Amazing Opportunities

I received the opportunity to talk to the youth of our church last night about the importance of clean language.  I shared a cool story that happened to Abe, and I wanted to put it in writing.

A few months before we were married, Abe auditioned for a show in Las Vegas.  He sang a song.  The directors liked his performance, so they asked him if he could also rap something for them.  Abe had previously written a rap about Noah for a seminary class.  Not knowing exactly what they were looking for, on the spur of the moment, he decided to perform his rap about Noah.

The directors LOVED it!!  They hired Abe for the show in Las Vegas.  The directors later told Abe the deciding factor for choosing him was that he was the ONLY ONE WHO AUDITIONED WITHOUT USING SWEAR WORDS.  Pretty cool, huh!!!

One would think that in Vegas they might be looking for crass material… nope.  Abe boldly performed his rap about his Biblical hero, and the directors chose him because of his cleanliness.

Abe and his group, Jericho Road, recorded this song as a hidden track at the end of their "There Is More" album.  I played the recorded version of Abe's rap about Noah for the youth last night.  They loved it too!

I also shared with the youth about the opportunities that I had as a reporter for an ABC affiliate in Dallas many years ago.  I was known as the "Mormon" by the coaches, players, and other reporters.  When a scandal arose during the Dallas, Cowboys' training camp, nobody could get an interview… except for me… the Mormon.  The athlete walked away from all the other reporters but stopped when I approached him.  The athlete knew I was honest and clean in all my dealings.  I promised him I would treat him right, and he knew I would not try to use trickery or deception in my interview because of the reputation I had built and the language I had used.

I bear my testimony that as we choose to represent Jesus Christ with clean language, Jesus creates miracles in our lives and provides us with amazing opportunities that we would not have otherwise.

I don't know how to download songs on my blog, but I found this live version of The Noah Rap that somebody recorded at one of Jericho Road's concerts.

It's fun to listen to.  Click on the link below and enjoy!! :-)