Friday, March 21, 2014

Jayden is 2: Life Is a Party!

We have been celebrating Jayden's birthday for almost an entire week!!  …lucky little 2-year old! :-)

His birthday was last Saturday; but since Abe was gone, we celebrated again when he returned!

I have already written a few entries about the miracle of Jayden's first few months of life and the months leading up to his miraculous arrival.  In honor of our little toddler, I am posting pictures of his special birthday week.

Abe's parents treated all of us and some other friends of ours to a pizza buffet after the boys' wrestling tournament!

With his own money, Tyson bought Jayden a boogie board, so he could be like the big kids.  

We went to the beach right after eating pizza.  Jayden insisted on carrying his special gift the entire way.

After 2 weeks away, Abe came home on Wednesday for a wonderful day and a half before he had to leave again!  Gosh he's so handsome! :-)  Jayden had been asking about "Daddy" all week, so he couldn't stop looking at Abe as if he was surprised that he was actually right in front of him.   

 Our short time was so packed full of activity that we ended up celebrating Jayden's 2nd birthday in the car between wrestling practice and another little boy's rock climbing birthday party. 

 There is something very special about Jayden….  He sees life as a party!! It didn't matter that he was strapped into his carseat, he still had a blast eating his cake and opening his presents!!

Mariah worked hard making the cake look just right for Jayden.  He LOVES football!!!

He wanted to try this new outfit on immediately!  

He was so darn cute I had to take him out of his seatbelt, put his new clothes on him, and squeeze him tight!! How could I not?!?!  My goodness he's a joy!  I love how his little hands clasp around my neck.

Last night, Jayden partied on his new little scooter for 4 hours while the older kids climbed the rock walls.

When we returned from our outing last night, we found a bag of gifts by our garage door.  One of our sweet, elderly neighbors had left it for little Jayden.  As I set up the cards, I realized something… he received 4 birthday cards with gifts… one from my parents, one from Abe's parents, one from our adopted grandmother in Michigan, and one from our adopted grandparents here in our new home in Florida.   I am touched that people would take my children in as their own.  There are so many good, loving people in the world!

This morning the party continued… we ate ice cream and opened the gifts from our sweet neighbor this morning.  We all couldn't stop laughing at how goofy Jayden was as we read the card to him. He is one funny kid!

Jordan had found a football, bobble-head guy at Goodwill, and he had forgotten to give it to Jayden until this morning.  Oh we were all laughing so hard as he played with that.

My dear, sweet Jayden.  Simply put, you are a joy.  You- by far- are my busiest baby.  You- by far- make me run faster to keep up with you than anyone else.  You- by far- have gotten hurt the most from doing crazy tricks.   (Jayden started walking at 7 months old!!) You sure make me tired some days… but it's a GREAT, FANTASTIC, WONDERFUL tired.  I'm forever grateful Heavenly Father sent you to us.  Our lives would not be as joyful if you had come with any less energy.  You are a beautiful light in our lives.  We all love you so very much.  You will always be our little miracle.