Tuesday, January 15, 2013

History Lesson Miracle

Today's miracle is simple.  

I homeschool all the kids, and I decided that I had been slacking a bit on teaching history.  We spend so much time with scripture study, reading, writing, math, music, and sports that it's hard to find the time for one more subject.  I was tired and considering bagging the history lesson when I glanced to my side at the dinner table, and my attention was immediately drawn to a book about Black Heroes in History.  

I know I was led to this book because of the way we felt.  We read about Hariett Tubman, and our hearts were deeply touched by her strength, courage, belief in liberty, and faith in God.  We had really great conversations as a family about how we can be strong like her.  It's interesting how much more effective the learning is when there is not such a hurried atmosphere.  We had a peaceful time of learning, and those few moments of learning accompanied by the Spirit will stick with all of us much longer than if I would have stressed over the details of trying to be too perfect. 

The miracle is that God opened my heart to the way He would teach, and teaching as He would, makes all the difference in the world.  I pray I will be able to remember that feeling even when the stress begins to rise.