Friday, January 25, 2013

Miracle of "Seeing" Hearts

Today I went to visit one of my children's instructors to ask her some questions.  After everything was squared away, I watched her for just a quick moment working at her desk.

I felt the strongest urge to tell her how amazing she was.  I pushed the thought away for a moment because... she was busy, she might think I was being insincere or trying too hard, or she might think I was gushy, silly, or odd.  

BUT... the thought persisted, so all in that quick moment I decided I would listen to the urge.   

I told her- in detail- all the reasons I thought she was fantastic!!  

She jumped out of her chair, came around her desk, and gave me the biggest hug!  She said, "That's exactly the person I'm trying to be!"

I feel so blessed that God gave me the words to speak to her at that moment.  

I don't think she was having an especially difficult day.  I think that in that moment, Heavenly Father just wanted her to know she was HIS fantastic daughter.  

I didn't even really realize it had come from God... it was just how I felt looking at her.

I think God gives us little windows to people's hearts if we're trying hard to see their beauty.  It takes my breath away a bit to think about the magnitude of his love in the details of our lives.

At age 18, I served as an EFY (Especially For Youth) counselor for teenagers.  I was the youngest counselor there, so I relied very heavily on prayer to know how to teach these youth that were pretty close to my own age. 

I remember that after one of the dances, one of my youth walked by.  I gave her a hug, looked at her, and said, "You have such a light in your eyes!!!"  She smiled and walked back to her dorm.  

Later, in tears, this young teen told me that she had asked her Heavenly Father in prayer if she had a light in her eyes because she wanted it so badly.  I of course knew nothing of her prayer or of her doubts.  She looked bright to me; so without even realizing that it was inspiration, I described her in the same way she had wanted to be seen in God's eyes.

I picture the people that love me the very most- they don't wait until I'm feeling low to tell me they love me.  They tell me all throughout each day.  I'm absolutely positive that our perfect Heavenly Father is trying to tell us all throughout each day how special and loved we are by HIM and by our Savior, Jesus Christ. I believe HE would use me even more to pass that message on if I  would make the effort more often to "see" people in the light of who they are becoming.

There are so many amazing people around us!!!  God sent everyone here to succeed-not to fail!  I feel a passion within me to help others believe in who they really are.  I know God wants us to BECOME who HE intended us to be.