Monday, January 14, 2013

Tyson's Audition & a Little Piece of Heaven

The Kalamazoo Civic Center has the 3rd best youth theater program in the nation, and my 9 year old Tyson was finally old enough to audition!! 

Today was the day!!  We rehearsed the whole script today, but we didn't have enough time to rehearse the singing with Abe, (my husband) who is the professional singer.  Most of the script looked like it was just speaking, so I figured he wouldn't even need to sing much at all. 

Well, the audition started, and all they worked on was singing and dancing!  They didn't even have them do any speaking or reading of lines.  I was so nervous for him, and I wanted him to keep his confidence.  He would have to sing this song as a solo without practicing with us one bit or ever even hearing the song until then.  

I stood in the hall where only he could see me, and I gave him all the thumbs up, smiles, and love I could.  Then, I prayed my heart out!!  Whether he got a part or not, I wanted him to feel like he had done his very best.  I prayed for him to leave the audition feeling as if he had really done something great.  I wanted him to feel a desire to try again even if he didn't make it.  Would all this be lost because I hadn't properly prepared him?  I prayed that he would feel confident enough to sing out even though it was completely new to him.  

It came to his turn, and my heart pounded; I had been praying so hard for my precious little boy.  

Oh my goodness!!  He sang great!!  He was right on key!  And the dancing... oh the dancing was adorable!!  He put his own little pizzaz into it.  The few mistakes he made on the dance did not matter one bit. His heart was there, and I know that God was with him making him feel like a champion.  I could see it in his eyes that he knew he was great.  Even the director of the civic looked over at me and mouthed the words, "Amazing!"  

Then I saw it.  

There have only been a few times in my life that I noticed an aura- kind of a light- around a person while watching them from afar.  I saw it when a missionary came home and spoke about his service to God; I saw it when a husband stood up and spoke about his wife who had recently passed.  I could see the light of God around them.  I knew there were extra angels surrounding these people at their important moments so strongly that my earthly eyes could see just a little extra light.

This same aura... this same piece of heaven... I saw around my son as he sang.  I knew that God was with him making him feel wonderful no matter what the directors would decide about his performance.

Knowing that our worth is great at the end of each day is a gift that I know God would like each of us to have.  God definitely cares about the big things, but he also dearly cares about the small things... like a 1st audition as a child. 

I thank God today that Tyson went to bed feeling like a champion-having felt God's love in his soul.