Thursday, January 17, 2013

Miracle of the Heater

Today, my husband (Abe) was looking all over the house for our portable heater.  He kept asking me where I thought it was.  I was in the middle of teaching homeschool while putting the baby to sleep, so even though I gave him a few suggestions as to where it might be, I wasn't much help. 

When I finally had a very short moment to think, I started to look for the heater.  It wasn't where I thought I had put it.  Where could it possibly be?  I said a prayer that I would be able to find the heater to help my husband who was working in our cold bedroom/office over the garage. In less than a minute after my prayer, I went straight to the dark corner in an obscure closet in the basement and found the heater!!!  Feeling proud, I ran upstairs chanting, "I'm a champion!!  I found the heater!"  Then, I quickly humbled myself and told Abe that God is the real champion because He told me where it was.:)  Abe said that I was still a champion for asking God to help me.  

I love to see God's hands in the simple things.  I know He loves us dearly, and He wants us to know that He is constantly stretching forth his hand willing to help us throughout the day; we just have to ask.