Friday, February 14, 2014

Angels at Work

Yesterday, I wrote about our van…

They're Fixing It!!

Since Abe is so new at his job, in order to fix the van, they needed our van title as collateral, and they need Abe’s signature for the $2000 loan.  Abe doesn’t return home until Monday!!  I pleaded with them to work something else out because if they waited until Monday to fix the van, then we wouldn’t have the van for 2-3 days still after that.  Fixing the transmission is a 2-3 day job.  They called me back, told me to think positive thoughts, and decided to start work on it immediately!  I’m not sure when we’ll have the van back, but I think it won’t be until Monday.  I'm just so grateful that they are trusting us.  I spent almost the entire day yesterday on the phone!!

I have been feeling confident in my family’s ability to ride our bikes to where we would need to go.  My only concern was Sunday morning.  The closest member of our congregation lives 20-25 minutes away, and I was certain they wouldn’t have room for their own family and all of us too.  We were planning on riding our bikes to church, and all the children knew that we would have to leave on our bikes by 7am to get there on time.  It was doable, and the pioneers did much more to get to church… we would just be pioneers.

 Visiting Teacher with a Plan

Just this week I was assigned a visiting teacher.  (A visiting teacher is a woman in the church called to visit a few assigned sisters to check on their wellbeing.  Ideally, every sister should be a visiting teacher and every sister should have 2 visiting teachers who come visit her each month.)  The sister who had brought us spices a few days ago happened to be the same one to become my new visiting teacher!  She sent me a text to check on me; and since she was my visiting teacher, I felt confident to tell her we had car problems. 

Last night she sent me a text to see when my car would be done.  I told her I wasn’t sure.  (I figured it would be done on Monday, but I didn’t want to let on that I needed help because I really didn’t want to put anyone out.) Immediately, she called me to tell me her husband is out of town, so they have an extra van that we can borrow over the weekend!!  I had already accepted our situation that we would be riding to church for 12 miles on bikes, so it took me a moment to realize that the worst of our weekend transportation problems were being solved right then and there! I couldn't thank her enough.

Last night I felt so grateful we would have a car to get to church.

However, I still wanted to get the kids to a Valentines party going on this morning.  I also had to get to the bank, get some groceries, and return a movie that was 3 days overdue… since we didn’t have a car.  We were planning a bike ride of a total around 25 miles today.

Earlier this week, while Abe was still here, the brakes on my bike mysteriously froze up.  He looked at it and couldn’t figure it out.  I looked at it and couldn’t figure it out.  The brakes on Jackson’s bike had also frozen up this week. 

Worst timing ever!!!! Two bikes and two cars out of commission!!!  Ugh!!!

Miracle of the Bike

We needed one of the two bikes to be working in order to get the whole family where we needed to go today.  I tried really hard last night to figure it out. 

Jackson and Tyson worked in the garage with me trying all kinds of tools…. nothing worked.

This morning I called Abe to see if he had any ideas.  He apologized that he had no idea how to fix brakes, but he did suggest that maybe I wouldn’t need a tool…   I hung up with Abe and knelt by my bike.  I prayed "with all the energy of heart" like the scripture I read yesterday in the book of Moroni 7:48.  I told Heavenly Father that my van was broken down- I had places I needed to go- my bikes were all I had.  I told my Heavenly Father how much I REALLY needed help fixing my bike.  I pleaded for help.

Wow!!  I tremble now as I write… a true miracle took place!!  I opened my eyes and looked directly over to the problem.  It honestly felt as if an angel had placed her hands on my cheeks and turned my face to the problem.  I fixed the problem with my bare hands… no tools.  It took a total of about 30 seconds to fix, and my bike was moving smoothly again. 

It was such a direct answer to prayer!!  I knew it was not me who found the problem to the bike!!  I immediately knelt down and sobbed as I thanked God with all my heart. 

I ran into the house and announced to the children what happened.  The boys who had been trying to help me with my bike the night before were extra excited.  Tyson shouted out, “THAT IS A MIRACLE!!”

“I know!  I know!”  I said.  We all hugged… knowing God is taking care of us. 

We’ll ride our bikes today, borrow a van from my dear visiting teacher/new friend for the rest of the weekend, and my van is being worked on right now as I write.  God works in marvelous, mysterious ways.

My heart is filled with love, joy, and gratitude!!  

Happy Valentines Day!! Jesus loves you.