Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pedal to the Metal!!

About a month ago, while we were still living in Orlando, my husband's gas pedal stuck in the accelerated position.  He had to pull it off the side of the road and take the key out of the ignition while the engine continued to rev at its highest power.

He eventually had his car towed back to his parents' house.

Last night at 11:00pm, we received a phone call from a sweet college-aged sister who needed a ride home from the hospital.  Abe has traveled every weekend since we've lived here, so he had never met her before.  I knew her and had offered to help her at any time if she needed it.  We were grateful she had called us.  The hospital was about 45 minutes away, so Abe drove and took Jackson with him as his priesthood companion.

On the way, the accelerator on his car stuck again!!  Abe had already had this fixed, but he worried they would be stranded themselves when they really needed to help this sister get home.  He pulled his car over and turned the engine off.  As Abe and Jackson sat on the side of the road, he asked Jackson to say a prayer.  According to Jackson, he said his third prayer at that moment.

Abe said, "Well, this has to work."

He started his car with full faith… the car gave one last spin of the tires and one last screeching pull… and then the accelerator released.  They were on their way!!

Knowing what a problem the accelerator had proven to be the previous time, Abe and Jackson knew that God had fixed the car.  They knew and I know it was a miracle from God!  They arrived safely to the hospital, took the young sister home, and arrived back here around 1am.  What a blessing for me to hear of my two priesthood holders in my home experiencing such a sweet miracle as they willingly served another in need.  I'm grateful everyone was safe and that the sweet sister is feeling healthy and strong.