Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ocean Science Lab: Answered Prayer

Before my husband left on another business trip yesterday, we walked to the beach as a family.

Abe played football with Tyson, 

...and I chased Jayden through the sand.

Meanwhile, the other children huddled together around a little pool of water they had created. 

“What were they doing?”  I wondered. 

Intrigued at what could hold their attention for so long, we all walked over to check it out.  To me, it was merely a small pool of gathered water.  The children encouraged me to look closer at one particular shell.  

The little shell began to wiggle, and then it began to burrow its way down into the sand!  It was adorable!  The tiny little shell looked like all the other millions of shells on the beach; I was fascinated that this shell had a teensy life inside of it!

As I continued to watch the children find other interesting sea bugs,

God reminded me of a prayer I had offered many years ago while living in Utah...

I had read in an old National Geographic about a family who spent several months out of the year researching sea life.  (It was the father’s job to do so.)

I home school my children, and they have always been passionate about nature.   I remember as I read the story, I felt a strong desire and passion well up within my heart.  I prayed and hoped that some day I could provide an opportunity for my children to study sea life as these children did. In fact, for months I envisioned us studying on the beach!

Fast forward about 4 years, and here we are… studying sea life and learning about God’s beautiful creations.  I thanked God for answering that prayer from so many years ago.   I thanked HIM for reminding me that all this came from HIM.  How did HE remember that prayer? Silly me… of course HE remembers everything about us…. but how is it that HE cares about such a simple request?  Of course HE cares about all of our righteous passions and requests… 

…but this seemed too wonderful to be true, so I decided to research "Prayer"- "The Guide to the Scriptures" on This is what I found:

"The object of prayer is not to change the will of God, but to secure for ourselves and for others blessings that God is already willing to grant, but that we must ask for in order to obtain."

We pray to the Father in Christ’s name (John 14:13–1416:23–24). We are truly able to pray in Christ’s name when our wishes are the wishes of Christ (John 15:7D&C 46:30). We then ask for things that are right and thus possible for God to grant (3 Ne. 18:20). Some prayers remain unanswered because they in no way represent Christ’s desire but spring instead out of the selfishness of man (James 4:3D&C 46:9). Indeed, if we ask God for unrighteous things, it will turn to our condemnation (D&C 88:65)."
I believe that there are wonderful things God wants us to have… even if we have to wait 4 years, 20 years, or even a lifetime.  HE puts righteous passions and desires into our hearts so that we can be where HE wants us to be when HE wants us to be there.  I can FEEL when that passion or desire comes from God.  I feel an urgency to follow it!!  I have felt that urgency with many of the crazy ideas that I follow; and after I follow them, God shows me how that "crazy idea" has blessed my life and others'.

My challenge is to differentiate between the urgency from God and my own urgency.  Sometimes I feel like I'm running, running, running through life, and HE picks me up with my legs still running and dangling in the air.  I believe HE does that to hold me in place where HE needs me to be.  I sometimes get frustrated because I can't run or because I have to endure hardship along the way, but God is busy orchestrating miracles, answering prayers, and increasing our faith in HIM.  It is certainly all worth it!!

So… we cherish the answered prayers and look around to see who God would like us to serve.  Until more of HIS purposes unfold for why we "get" to be in our ocean science lab, we shall savor every moment.  Our greatest discovery has been the 3 JELLY FISH rolling in with the waves!!

God bless you as you listen and follow the righteous desires and passions Jesus is placing within your heart.  As you feel those passions, don't forget to ask for that which "God is already willing to grant." HE  loves us all, and HE loves to help us find true happiness in this life. I love the power of prayer.