Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mac & Cheese for Breakfast

With his own money, my 8-year old son, Jordan, bought Mariah a sweet little journal with the word “Love” imprinted on the top. 

He intended to give it to her for Christmas but forgot.  He had been hiding it ever since to give it to her for Valentine’s Day instead. 

Mariah was the most excited of all the children about Valentine’s Day.  She was especially sad that Abe was gone for this VERY special holiday about love.  In fact she had been going around the house saying, “Who votes for love?”  (Of course we all raised our hands each time love was up for a vote. J)

Since Jordan was the only one with a gift to give this Valentine’s Day, everyone gathered around to see Mariah’s face.  Just as we all hoped, she was thrilled.  That prompted all the other children to scramble and find gifts from their personal stashes to give to each other. 

Tyson and Jordan gave me a couple of their favorite bracelets they had made.  
After the spontaneous, mass giving party, Jordan wrapped his arms around me, laid his head on my lap and said, “It feels good.” 

I questioned him, “What feels good, honey?  Giving?”

“Yes… giving feels good.” Jordan replied. 

I loved receiving the bracelets, but I loved even more the moment of pure peace after the giving. It was pure contentment in his entire being.

Abe came home yesterday, so he wasn’t a part of our family’s Valentine’s giving party on Friday.  It was an exciting reunion once again.  (I never get tired of seeing the children's squeals and hugs when they reunite with their daddy.)

Yesterday, before Abe arrived home, I listened to a talk about the importance of teaching our children how to fulfill the covenants they make with God.  

I talked to Jackson the day before about getting up earlier and showing more responsibility.  I talked to him about his duties as the only priesthood holder in our home when Daddy is gone.  I prayed for him to understand the importance of his duties. 

This morning… Jackson and Jordan were up to something…

Jordan brought baby Jayden to our bedroom and told Abe and me to stay in bed.  We were happy to do that!

About 15 minutes later, Jackson entered our room to ask us what margarine was.  I explained to him that it was similar to butter. 

I could hear clanking around in the kitchen, and about 20 minutes later, Jackson and Jordan showed up in our bedroom like this… toooooo cute!!

Abe, Jayden, and I enjoyed a delicious dish of mac and cheese for breakfast in bed!!

Let me explain why this was so special.  Macaroni and cheese is one of my kids' favorite food.  When I make it for them, I always add chili beans, black beans, green beans, and sometimes corn to make it stretch, fill the children’s tummies more, and to make it a tad healthier. 

Last time we ate it, I noticed Jackson had eaten all the beans and vegetables first, so that  he could fully enjoy just the macaroni and cheese.  As he ate his plain macaroni and cheese, I could see the pure enjoyment in his face. 

One might be tempted to think that Jackson made us plain macaroni and cheese so that he could eat it that way too.  Not so, he gave Abe and me very LARGE bowls of macaroni, so the other children actually didn’t get very much of it at all. 

My heart was touched.  Jackson had listened to our talk, woke up earlier, taught his younger brother how to cook as a good priesthood leader would do, and then brought us the best of what he had to offer.   Then, to my pure contentment, I was grateful to see that Jackson was humble enough to allow the Holy Ghost to teach him how to fulfill his priesthood duties as a leader in the home… as an answer to my prayer. 

What a miracle to me to see these young children learning the joy of giving and the joy of fulfilling baptismal and priesthood responsibilities to love and serve how Jesus would.