Friday, February 21, 2014

Glory to God!!

Yesterday was our last day with Abe before his next trip.  I love him so very, very much.  We all savor every moment we have with him.  He is truly my hero.

The weather was nice, so we took a walk to the beach for our family time.

I realized that I’m always watching the children 100%, so I had never gone on a real jog on the beach in my entire life.  I decided that since I have a passion for running, I needed to do it.  I asked Abe to take complete charge while I took a moment to myself.

I told him I would only run a half-mile down the beach, but it was longer…

At the beginning of my run, I avoided the waves thinking the water would make me cold.  I kept running and running- I didn't want to stop because I felt so free in my bare feet!!

The freer I ran, the broader my smile grew.  I began to splash in the water as I ran and discovered the cool water was a perfect match for my rising body temperature.

I kept running and feeling more and more gratitude in my heart for God’s creations.  I had run so far that I was completely alone when I saw a beautiful flock of birds relaxing a little above the edge of the waters.  As I ran beside them, they all took flight simultaneously as a mass of white wings fluttering directly over my head.  I felt a rush of God's love in the flight of those birds, and I felt as if my heart would burst with joy and love for HIS creatures. 

I ran with my head tilted backwards and shouted out, “Oh thank you God!  Thank you so very, very much!” What a liberating feeling it was to shout with pure, loving emotion for God while maintaining reverence for HIS name!

I soon turned around and headed back.  I pushed my body harder once I could see my family in the distance.  My heart felt great joy to reunite with their happy activities.

I returned to my sweet children and amazing husband in less than 20 minutes. Who knew that in less than 20 minutes I could feel so rejuvenated and overwhelmed by God’s great love for me?  God truly did create this beautiful world. 

A few days ago, as Jackson studied in his meteorology book, he looked up from his book and exclaimed a similar impression.  He said, “I don’t know why people think that this perfect Earth was created by an explosion.” 

This world is beautiful!!  Only God could have created such a magnificent place!  The animals, the mountains, the forests, the desserts, the skies, and the waters… are all so enriching to the soul as we behold them.  We are all so blessed!!

(I turned around and took this picture on my return run.  I couldn't have ever managed to pull out my camera in the very moment… I was engulfed in pure joy.)