Thursday, February 27, 2014

Bamboo Furniture

When we moved from Michigan, we had to leave a TON of our things.  Some things were hard to leave behind, but we were comforted when we knew they were blessing the lives of others.

We gave away our nicer, leather couch but kept our couch/bed.  While our couch/bed sat in storage, mold formed all over it.  We had to take the whole couch to the curb to be dumped. :(

We accepted the fact that we wouldn't have a couch for quite a while.

My dear friend in Utah sent me a text message yesterday telling me she still had the plant I had given to her.  (I love the living sentimental value that plants hold.)  I was grateful she still had it, but I broke the news to her that we had to leave all of our plants behind in Michigan.  Some of those plants had moved with us from Missouri to Utah, and then to Michigan.  They had been given to us for very special occasions which spanned many years.

I told her we had to leave a lot of our things behind. She asked me what I missed most.  Along with my plants, I missed having a couch and our abundant food storage.  (I told her we crammed some of the  food storage under the kids' armpits, under van seats, and between their feet when we moved to Florida. :-))

A new dear friend of mine here in Ormond Beach asked me a little while back if I would like her outdoor furniture and her plants.  She had used it for years and didn't have space for it anymore.  She didn't know we had lost our couch, and she didn't know how much I love plants… but God did.

Yesterday, the same day I had been pondering about our missing furniture and plants, we were able to pick up my new friend's beautiful, bamboo, furniture set. The plants need love, and I'm so grateful to have plants to nurture.

There were so many pieces to the furniture that we used some of it for indoor furniture and some of it for outdoor furniture!  I spent much of the day cleaning it up and covering the reclining chair in green.

I texted my friend these pictures of her furniture blessing our home:

This was her response:

"That is so wonderful!!!  I'm moved to great joy in my heart and spirit!!!  Lovely!!! Beautiful!!!  Green is one of my favorite colors!!!  Comfortable to sit on too!!"

What a joy it is to serve and to be served…  What a joy it is to see God orchestrating one's needs with those who are ready to give.

As I write, Jackson is sitting on our new couch doing his homework… God is good.