Monday, March 16, 2015

Birthday Boy JayJay

Baby JayJay turned 3 yesterday!!

Jayden is truly one of a kind!! He's his own man doin' his own thang!! Strangers everywhere stop to watch him because he is so funny. He doesn't just walk by people… he dances and shakes and hollers his greetings to everyone in his path. 

We sure love this fireball of energy!! He energizes and exhausts me all at the same time… and I wouldn't have wanted him to come any different than the way he is!!  What a blessing and a miracles he is in our lives!! I have written a couple of blogs in the past about how he came to us… how grateful we are!!

Enjoy the Pictures!! The truth is, every moment of his life is a Kodak moment!:)

A few neighbors came over last night to eat pizza and cake and to sing to our little Jayden. Our oldest guest turns 90-years old this year! Yep, Jayden has friends of all ages. 

I love you my baby JayJay!!