Friday, March 6, 2015

"I Love You"

Since I haven't written in my blog for so long, the children have been anxious for me to put in writing some of the special things that have happened. I asked them specifically what they wanted me to share, and this was their first request. It was an experience that built all of our faith.

A short time ago, I had been cleaning up a big pile of papers. I had a very important check that had just arrived in the mail at the top of the pile. As I began to organize the pile of papers, I wanted to make sure that the check was in a safe place, so I held it tightly in my hand and planned to take it to my wallet so it would be ready deposit into the bank the following day.

(We had been waiting for that check for a couple of months, and we needed it desperately.)

With a few other things in my hand, I made only a couple of stops in the house on my way to my wallet. When I went to put the check into my wallet, the check was gone!! Immediately my heart dropped. How could I lose this check??  I looked through trash cans, through files, through children's homework… nothing. I was in an utter panic. What in the world could have happened? How could I have been so careless about something so important? If I had to cancel the check to request another, it would most likely take several weeks, and we needed it for our rent. I prayed for help, but I was honestly too stressed to patiently listen to any direction from the Spirit. I assumed the worst and lost my faith. I asked all the children for their help.

This is what happened in 9-year old Jordan's words:

"We were all looking for the $900.00 check, and it was very serious. Then I prayed that I would find it. Jesus told me that I should look in the bathroom, so then I looked in the upstairs bathroom and then the downstairs bathroom. Then I finally looked in my mom's bathroom. I saw a small box that had three hearts on it, and there were some words inside the hearts.  The words said, 'I love you.' 

I had the feeling that I should look in there; and when I did, I saw the check sitting on top of all the nice things that were in there. I gave the check to my mom, and then I said, 'Jesus found the check!' When she asked me where I found it. I told her it was in the box that said 'I love you' on it. 

Sometimes miracles don't happen right away, but this time it happened right away. I am grateful that Jesus helped me find the check."

This experience touched me on many levels.

*The Spirit spoke to the one who was listening quietly… without a panic.

*Jordan could have taken credit for finding the check and would have been seen as the hero. Nope- he didn't need the credit. Jordan knew exactly where the credit was due. He humbly announced that JESUS found the check.  It truly is a matter of humility to recognize that it is JESUS who gives us our daily joy, and it is Jesus who gives us our power to overcome our trials on a daily basis.

*Sometimes when a lot of bad things happen in a row, the adversary sneaks into our brains and convinces us to be a little bitter and assume that the worst possible scenario is our lot. That is very unhealthy and lacks faith in what God can do with bleak-looking situations. I determined to remember that God wants to bless us. HE wants to give us miracles. I don't think it was a coincidence that our special miracle was found in the box with the words "I love you" on it. Gosh… even when I lack meekness and humility… Jesus still pours love upon us. That makes me sorrowful for the many times I doubt HIS presence through my trials. It's a simple concept: Jesus ALWAYS loves us… HE is there…. even when we feel alone.

** I will be doing a weekly update on our family's "Picking Weeds" progress… so far so good… I'm learning. :-)